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Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter Moon

Just one week ago, the sky was so clear that we decided to drive north toward the mountains after Dick's dentist appointment and were rewarded with some fabulous photo opportunities of the moon rising over the mountains. This week no one is driving much of anywhere, and schools are closed because of the snow that fell overnight. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


Ele said...

Hi Judy,
what a wonderful photo you took for us!
foggy greetings from Bavaria Gabriele

JK said...

That is some amazing scenery! I don't miss the snow since moving to Cali, but do miss the beauty of it.

Thanks for keeping up with the Captain! At the moment, I have no idea what he will be getting up to. Actually this is the first block I have made that has not gone to someone. I don't have one thing of mine, and they are everywhere except in my house.

Susan said...

Beautiful moon. I got mine at 7:30 as it was coming up here. With a palm tree. This is a whole different look, and the moon is nicely centered.