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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Some Night Time Fun!

Last night the skies were clear, the moon was out, and we watched the Space Station fly over our house at about 5:45 PM thanks to a notification from NASA. You can get these emails, too, by signing up at Spot The Station | NASA

NASA (.gov)

You will only get the notifications when the ISS is visible where you live. It's fun to watch it move across the sky and imagine what the astronauts are doing and what they can see. Try it, it's fun!

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Yep it's another hat, this time for an upcoming birthday. This yarn is new to me, but oh so soft and easy to work with. It's Lionbrand Scarfie Lite and comes in several pretty colors. This color is called Rain and perfect for Seattle! The pattern is one of my favorite "go-tos" for hats. It doesn't seem to be available on Ravelry anymore though.  Oops, the dryer is calling, so I need to run.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving Day! Tomorrow I need to go on a long walk to use up a few of those delicious calories!

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Delivered! And a Surprise ~

I figured my friend might be tired of greyish hats, so I made this one for her.

Our crazy mixed up Christmas cactus doesn't know it's almost Thanksgiving. It was tiny when we moved it here from San Diego in 1977.  There are two other of its "children" in our garden window that aren't confused though.😉I wonder when and if they plan to bloom!