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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mystery Solved! And a Finish

Is it possible to have SMS (second mitt syndrome) along with the other issue called SSS?  Well, silly me joined a mystery mitt KAL last month, and now I have a pretty mitt that needs a mate.  However, this little critter gave me some grief, so its friend will just have to wait in time out while I work on some other stuff.

Here's the culprit.  It was good practice on attaching beads with a crochet hook as well as using Vikkel (Estonian) braid on something other than a hat.  While its mate hibernates, I am going to work on some hats for the GK as well as some "what was I thinking" sock KALs.  Here's one hat all finished, and more about the sock projects in another post.

The littlest Miss picked out the pom pom. I'm hoping to finish four more hats for the rest of the GK before our family trip to CO at the end of well as those Sock KALs.  When will I learn?

Remember this?  Well, this over-performing plant now looks like this.  It's going crazy, isn't it? This photo is from a few days ago, and now there are even more blossoms open. Stalk number three is almost as tall as the other two, and hardly has room to open.  Stay tuned.  (And have a great weekend!)