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Friday, April 26, 2013

On the Needles and More ~

Mocha is always curious about what's on my needles.  This time it's the beginning of a little something for the new baby that's due in August.  Funny thing, I just happened to have enough pink yarn in my stash. How about that?

The boy socks were finished and delivered with the hat and much appreciated by mom-to-be.  She was a good sport about the girly set, but personally I don't think any little boy would want to be seen wearing that.

These booties were made with a  Bernat pattern and yarn.  Somehow those bunny ears look a bit like flippers, but it's a cute and quick project.  They would also be cute without the ears and embroidery as fuzzy boots.  Have to try with as there is a ton of leftover yarn!

One more Christmas block is stitched and another was partially frogged but should be finished soon.  Becca and I had a fun "expedition" to Country Village today where I found some good sashing fabric.  Gotta get busy on that part next.

But the highlight of the week was hearing that Max actually walked across the room BY HIMSELF.  My how quickly he's grown.  Maybe we'll get to see his new "trick" tomorrow?  Have a great weekend eveyone!

Friday, April 19, 2013

On and Off the Needles to Fix a Big Mistake!

Have you ever messed up?  Boy, I sure did.  Remember the shower gift I made for a choir friend?  Well, it turns out she is having a BOY!  Somehow I missed that information and felt like a real idiot.  So this week I've been working on something a little boy could wear, socks and a hat.

The hat is finished, and all that's left on the second sock is to weave the toe together.  Then off they go, something much more appropriate!

The prayer shawl is finished also. That choir friend had her surgery this morning, so I hope this will cheer her up and keep her company through the rest of her treatment.

On the home front, our little guy just had his first "real" haircut, just in time to model the cute sweater knit by his Auntie Jill.

And the cherry trees are blooming now, even though it's chilly and grey.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just Walkin' in the Rain.......

Walking in the rain isn't so bad when the spring flowers start to bloom.  The skies may be grey, but color is everywhere!

Daffodils are in their glory!

 Camelias are right outside our living room window.

Forsythia  is finally showing its cheerful yellow blooms.

Early Clematis blossoms are straining their arbors.

This Star Magnolia is so beautiful.

Many shades of Heather adorn the hillside gardens. Yes, walking isn't so bad now.

It's the season of pink snow!  Spring has arrived! Hurrah!

Friday, April 12, 2013

On the Needles

My various sock projects have taken the backseat to life.  Several things happened that required some knitting projects for gifts, and gifts can't wait.

One of our choir members has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, so I decided to make her a Prayer Shawl using one of my favorite patterns (Easy Triangle Shawl) with Homespun yarn.  That yarn is so soft and has a wonderful selection of colors, just the thing to provide a little comfort.

Then we received notice of the arrival of our great niece Kaitlyn and the opportunity to try out a new pattern using Sublime yarn, a blend of bamboo and baby silk.  The pattern is from a book of baby patterns by Sublime.

A baby shower for a choir friend is happening Sunday, so I used some more Sublime for Saartje's booties and another favorite hat pattern called Rolled Brim Beanie with Flower.  I added a touch of bling, too!

Last week at our quilt meeting we were examining our finished group project for one of our members, who's been having some medical challenges, when much to our surprise she stopped by.  As you can see, she was delighted. 

So, there you have it, the reason my socks are languishing on my needles. I'll get back to them soon after I finish the shawl.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


As you probably know, we recently returned from Chicago and a visit with our daughter's family. Our ten days there were busy and COLD! Dick did manage to catch a few shots of the kids though.

What message Sophia was giving David is a mystery. He seems oblivious, doesn't he?

Here is a rare shot of Daniel behind Sophia; he was rarely still long enough to photograph!

Can you do this? Every time I look at this photo, my hips start to hurt!

Soon after we returned home, we headed over to Magnolia to see Max. That day he was quite busy playing with an old Tonka truck and sharpening his pre-walking skills. Just this past Sunday we were lucky enough to witness his first steps. Life will be getting interesting at their house, don't you think?

Speaking of visitors, this very cheeky deer came to our yard the other day. He or she looked me right in the eye and then proceeded to chomp off part of a potted rose as if to say, "I dare you!" It then moved on to sample other goodies before I ran screaming out the door in hot pursuit. A bit later we noticed that the traffic was slowing on the street behind our house, and sure enough, Old Cheeky and friend were putting on a show for the passing cars. Sigh. Moles and rabbits and now deer, who will we be feeding next?  You can see him/her in action here