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Saturday, July 11, 2020

What's Up?

Nope, I've not vanished, but our garden has been calling along with lots of walking as well as some other projects to keep me busy.  I've been very bad about reading posts as you may have noticed, too. It's so hard to stay inside when the weather's nice.

Recently I finished this prayer shawl for the mom/wife of two choir members.  She is fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer, and a number of us choir folk have been providing food for the family as they are consumed every day with lots of doctor appointments.  It's very sad.

On a happier note, another choir member and his wife welcomed their first child, so I made her some booties. I have several other projects in progress....actually a whole lot!

This beautiful guy paid a surprise visit to our backyard recently! He looked around a bit and chomped a little on the dogwood before strolling on his way somewhere else.

This tiny baby bunny visited us, too. Now if we could only teach it to just eat the grass and skip everything else!

The  roses are about done now, but

there still are other flowers to enjoy fortunately.

Oh, I just remembered a couple other finishes.

I surprised a choir friend who's a nurse with this little person

and made a couple of hats, one for a baby boy that's yet to arrive and his big sister.
Well, that's all for now; it's time for a walk.  I hope you are all weathering this strange time in good health!  Take care.