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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Friend for Mr. Popper

Today's headlines include this cheery news: "It may be fall, but this weekend, it'll be winter." Our garden hasn't quite gotten the message. We still have hydrangeas, pansies and have even seen some roses on our walks. Our beauty berries are also in their glory. The holidays are sneeking up quite quickly, and it's time to speed up the knitting and sewing.

Mr. Popper was lonely, so he now has a friend named Nick. What with the threat of winter, it seems like a good time to show these Arctic pals. Next I'm going to try to use the leftover yarn to make a chicken.......

Back in the Midwest, Miss Sophia has found a new look, and the boys are modeling some of Oma's wares.

Gotta run. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playing and Projects

November seems to be marching right along these days. We got a good reminder of the impending holiday last weekend at our choir workshop, spending most of the day practicing Christmas music. (We also learned that a CD of our spring concert featuring Haydn's Creation is being released next month!) As usual I have lots projects and ideas in the works. We'll see how many actually get completed!

The stitch in this dishcloth is really fun. The pattern can be found at Lily Sugar 'n Creme and is called The Twist Knit Dishcloth. I think the stitch would be pretty in a scarf although it is a bit stretchy. I really needed these needles for another project which hastened the finish!

A couple weekends ago we went exploring in the Magnolia neighborhood because that's where Catherine and Brent are house-hunting. I am sitting at the base of an old madrona tree; the early settlers thought they were magnolia trees, and thus the name of the area.

We had fun in Discovery Park, hiking down to the water and this old abandoned lighthouse.

You can also see Mount Rainier from this trail. That mountain sure gets around!

I didn't work much on the Christmas SAL last month and will be putting it aside until after the holidays. The sleepy Santa was my focus this time. Maybe it'll get done by next Christmas?

This little project caught my eye. It was a free pattern on Webs. Besides the penquin, there's a very cute polar bear.

Gotta run. It's a sunny day, and we're going to walk around Green Lake. Catch you later!