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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playing and Projects

November seems to be marching right along these days. We got a good reminder of the impending holiday last weekend at our choir workshop, spending most of the day practicing Christmas music. (We also learned that a CD of our spring concert featuring Haydn's Creation is being released next month!) As usual I have lots projects and ideas in the works. We'll see how many actually get completed!

The stitch in this dishcloth is really fun. The pattern can be found at Lily Sugar 'n Creme and is called The Twist Knit Dishcloth. I think the stitch would be pretty in a scarf although it is a bit stretchy. I really needed these needles for another project which hastened the finish!

A couple weekends ago we went exploring in the Magnolia neighborhood because that's where Catherine and Brent are house-hunting. I am sitting at the base of an old madrona tree; the early settlers thought they were magnolia trees, and thus the name of the area.

We had fun in Discovery Park, hiking down to the water and this old abandoned lighthouse.

You can also see Mount Rainier from this trail. That mountain sure gets around!

I didn't work much on the Christmas SAL last month and will be putting it aside until after the holidays. The sleepy Santa was my focus this time. Maybe it'll get done by next Christmas?

This little project caught my eye. It was a free pattern on Webs. Besides the penquin, there's a very cute polar bear.

Gotta run. It's a sunny day, and we're going to walk around Green Lake. Catch you later!


Lynn said...

Cute little penguin! Beautiful pictures, could you go inside the light keepers house, wouldn't it be and adventure to live there?

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

That's it!! I wanna come walking
and exploring with you at your
house. I've said it before and
it bears repeating ... Ocean,
Mountains, Trees, abandoned light
houses ... Oh my!!! It's all so
beautiful! I love that picture of
Mount Rainier coyly peeking out
from behind the hill in your
picture. Awesome!!

Love the colors in your latest
dishcloth and the stitching
pattern is very pretty.

My DH is busy with his church
choir too. They're practicing
a short Cantata to sing for
Christmas as well as working
on their usual weekly program.

When you said that you'll be
putting your Christmas SAL
aside until after the holidays
it reminded me that I'll be
starting Christmas cards and
letters next week which will
eat heavily into stitching and
blogging time for awhile.

I always plan to start these
things earlier but that never
happens. Where does the time

A Northern Light is the only
Jennifer Donnelly book that
I don't own (yet) but I plan
to get it very soon. I've
never read any of the Mrs.
Polifax novels...though the
name is familiar. Who's the

Your little penguin is adorable.
Bet the polar bear is too.

Keep the wonderful pictures
coming Judy.


Cranberry Morning said...

I've really got to get out to visit that part of the country. It looks beautiful. Your penguin and dishcloth look so nice, inspiration for me to get going on my sweater project! It's easy to get so busy this time of year, so maybe after Christmas during long January, February, and March! Enjoyed all your photos! :-)

hakucho said...

Your photos are lovely! That does look like a great (useful) dishcloth and so pretty too :)

Anonymous said...

I am so insanely jealous of the beautiful walks you take. LOL Gorgeous pictures!

staci said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful pics of your walk!

That penguin is too cute!

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
Your Christmas Sampler is so nicely ...
and the main thing is that you have fun while embroidering.

The little penguin looks cute, and your dish cloth again succeeded beautifully.

My head buzzes so full of ideas - we are eager to see what we can implement it ;-)

The images from Discovery Park to show me a stormy autumn day - we still enjoy the weather before the snow comes.

Take care

Linda said...

I love the view of Seattle from Magnolia pretty. That looks like a great place for a walk! Your Christmas sampler is coming along. I had to put some of those kinds of projects on hold for a while too!

Lynn said...

What wonderful scenic photos! I love the one of the lighthouse.
That penguin is adorable!!

Cat said...

Such beautiful pictures! Looks like such peaceful walking. Neat old lighthouse!

Have fun on your projects!

Susan Elliott said...

You look cute sitting on the base of that tree! Loved the lighthouse and the path winding down to it. This Fall IS flying by! I'm feeling the Christmas pressure...are you?

Neuroknitter said...

I love that lighthouse! We have to drive hours to get to a lighthouse ;) That little penguin is way too cute!! :)

Becca said...

Hi Judy, I'm Becca and so happy I found your blog! I've enjoyed my visit here. First of all, I love your stitching! I would love to learn to knit or crochet. Secondly, you live in my favorite place! I am from Las Vegas, but if you visit my blog, you will see quickly that my heart is in Seattle. I have been to Bellevue and it is such a lovely place. It was fun seeing some Washington photos. My birthday is the 28th and my hubby and I will be there for a few days. We have tickets to the Seahawks game...I can't wait! Hope you have a nice rest of the week!

Wildflowerhouse said...

Love all your projects, you busy girl. A walk around Greenlake is what I need right about now. Our son lives over there and I love the lake. We have snow half way down Mt.Si today. Brrrr!

Unknown said...

Hi! So many nice things you make! Love your stiches!
And the stocking! (think it was further down on the side?)