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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Happy July and Some Finishes!!

 Finally a new post!  It's been a bit crazy here. First, much to my surprise, my sister and BIL arrived on my birthday and made it extra special.  Then we had a terrible heat wave. One day the temperature at our house was almost a record setting 109 degrees, and keeping our plants alive was a challenge. However, we used some of the hot weather to get out of town, and we've also taken lots of walks in our local woods to keep cool.

Our first escape was to the North Cascades ranger station where we took a nice hike from there called the River Loop Trail.  The Three Fingers Mountain was in clear view also.

Then last week Wednesday we went to Mount Rainier. Typically, it was hiding, but we saw lots of other mountains and lots of pretty wild flowers plus SNOW!

Here's a bit of the view from the lodge. All those cars are in just one of the parking lots! We were surprised how crowded it was for the middle of the week. I did see quite a lot of out of state liscense plates though.

There were lots of water falls, thanks to the melting snow.

Avalanche lilies were everywhere, and we saw some Pasque flowers, as well.

There was still snow on some of the trails though.

And since my last post, I have finished 3 pairs of socks and a tiny dolly.


Covid Nurse (for a choir friend)

Tomorrow we are headed off to Hurricane Ridge for another adventure, and of course I'll be taking along some knitting! Have a great week! 😊