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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Smoothies or ?

Dee was right when she guessed bike blender. Just what a person needs to wear off the calories before indulging in a frosty drink, right?

Well, here it is as promised, the bicycle blender in action.

Are they discussing the proper recipe? Notice the "girly" bike.

It only takes a few minutes to whip up a most delectable drink with negative calories no less! Crazy, huh?

In case you're not that thirsty, take a minute and try this Color Test that I found on Nancy's blog. It doesn't take too long and is interesting. I got a 4 which surprised me, knowing that I carry the color-blindness gene. And you?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Catching Up............

The sun's been out here until today when we had thunder, lightning and hail, all most unusual, so it was back to blogging and catching up.

During the rest of our stay in Minnesota, we enjoyed a couple of days at Jane and Ted's cabin, watching bird and bird wanna-bes.

How come our state bird is so far from home?

Despite Ted's best efforts to discourage him, this cheekly little fellow and his friends think this restaurant is theirs to enjoy.

No trip anywhere is complete without visiting a few yarn shops and quilt shops. Darn. Knit. Anyway. is in Stillwater and was decked out in honor of the owner's 40th birthday. Clever way to celebrate, eh?

Our friend Linda who was visiting from NM thinks the same way, so we met her and her friend Mary for brunch and shopping. Mary is a wonderful quilter and embroiderer as you can see.

Our clematis welcomed us home with this surprise. And has continued to spoil us with 4 more blooms. It seems to have wintered rather well!

On sunny days, precious little stitching gets accomplished. However, I did learn and use both the bonnet stitch and the up and down buttonhole stitch on this month's Sunbonnet Sue block. There are a few things on the needles, too, but nothing's been finished yet.

Have you seen one of these? I hope to get some photos of this contraption in action tomorrow. Till next time, enjoy summer!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June Finishes

June zipped by very quickly, didn't it? The month disappears even quicker when you leave town. I did, however, finish two ancient WIPs. Hurray!
These are the Honey Badger socks. You can find the details on Ravelry if you're interested. The second sock is always hard for me, the Procrastinator, to finish, but I am determined to whittle down my WIPs.

This is the first shawl I've made with lace weight yarn. Those hanks last FOREVER! It's quite amazing what a difference blocking makes; it must have doubled in size. Again, the details are on Ravelry.

For the past six months I've been learning new embroidery stitches through TAST. Rather than doing crazy quilting like most of the members, I went into my stash of stuff and decided to work on these Sunbonnet Sue blocks, trying to incorporate the new stitches on that month's block. Here they are, six down and six to go. Happy Fourth of July! And onto block #7 and lots more knitting.