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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Mother Nature Is Amazing, Isn't She?

We occasionally pass this tree on one of our walks and find it's huge root system amazing! I guess this is what having "deep roots" means.


And then there's this amaryllis that just won't quit, but I do think this is it's last bud and this time with "only" four flowers.


Today I've been working on a sweater and the button holes are driving me nuts! Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 25, 2024

The World's Biggest Socks?

 These crazy socks are finally finished! They are size 13, and I am sure glad I only had to knit one pair!! It's from a pattern I got long ago when I took a class on sock knitting. That particular yarn shop is long gone sadly.  There's not much else new to report except that the crazy amaryllis has four flowers, two of which are not open!

Here in the PNW, we are used to grey days and thankful for ones like today when it's not raining...yet. I got to take a walk without getting wet, hurrah!

Hope you all have a great day. I am homing in on the end of a sweater that I started a very long time ago. Surprisingly, it's the same exact color as the socks, a heathered gray, but a different brand! Is that weird or not?

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Another Finish!

I recently finished this hat which was good practice for colorwork. It's a nice pattern but turned out much smaller than I expected.  If I make it again, I will use lots more than the stitch number in the pattern.

I didn't expect to do another photo of this crazy plant.  Here it is with its 12 flowers just before it toppled over despite the stakes. Only 1 flower suffered thankfully, but can you see what's appearing?

 Yep, it's bud number 3! And the strings show what we had to do to secure it after it fell over. Now we are wondering how many flowers are hidden in this bud. (In case you are wondering, the other flowers have fallen off over the last few days.)  This was the most amazing amaryllis I have ever seen.


Hope all of you are surviving the current snowy weather.  We had a touch here but mostly ice. It's gone now and the thermometer now says 48.9 degrees!

Monday, January 8, 2024

A Finish, the Flower, a Reindeer, and a Heart!


Here's my first finish for this year.  It looks like I need to do a better job on the heel next time, but it's a fun way to use up scraps of yarn. I will do this pattern again.

I just had to post one more photo of this crazy Amaryllis; both buds contained 6 flowers, and now I am hoping it doesn't fall over!  (It has 2 stakes though.)

Our Chicago daughter and family were with us over Christmas and made lot of these reindeer cupcakes. We gave the best ones to our neighbors, and the rest were devoured by 3 teenagers and the rest of the family. (Have you ever tried to feed 2 teenage boys? 😉

A friend of my sister taught her how to make this heart ornament. Apparently it is started from the bottom and is just the reverse, minus the bow, on the other side. I love it!
And now back to putting away our Christmas decorations, however we still have 3 January birthdays in our local family and Christmas gifts to exchange with them because they celebrated the holiday in Vietnam with a longtime friend!

Thursday, January 4, 2024

An Update!

 This crazy plant just keeps getting bigger! The first bud now has 6 flowers, and the second bud looks like it will have at least 4 flowers. We are hoping it doesn't tip over!

The last time I posted a photo of this hat, it was shown wrong side out! Here's what the hat really looks like. I guess you could wear it on either side as they're both nice.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2024!