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Friday, February 22, 2013

On and Off the Needles + Sue Update

Among the things that are on my needles this week are this scarf which is a one-row pattern using a Trendsetter yarn called Bohemia  (The beads are already on the yarn.) and

the infamous Knitters Brewing Company sock KAL.  I am a little behind thanks to our vacation trip, but I hope to have one sock finished by the end of next week.  It's a fun pattern but requires concentration! (I had to rip out most of what I did while watching the final episode of Downton Abbey. If you saw it, you'll know why!)

These booties were finished and mailed off before I posted them. If you're looking for a quick and cute baby gift I'd recommend Saartje's booties.  The pattern is on Ravelry. Mocha, at least found them quite interesting but was probably wondering how come there were only two.

Two pair of socks came off the needles, this one in Florida.  Both, however, got the finishing touches this week.  

I really found knitting the gusset on this pair very interesting as I'd never seen a pattern that did it this way before. The pattern is called "Weeping Angels" and is also on Ravelry.

Sunbonnet Sue finally got her borders yesterday.  I am going to have a quilting friend quilt her since I spent so much time on the TAST embroidery stitches. 

Now if it were only sunny instead of rainy and windy, I'd go prune the roses. I'm sure there's something else waiting though!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back from the Sunshine & Birds Galore


We just got back from 10 days in warm and sunny Florida where we met up with my sister and her husband as well as a number of friends.   (We got a reality check last night on the way home when they deiced our plane in Minneapolis where it was SNOWING.  It's not snowy here, just real grey.  Welcome home, eh?)


We wandered the beaches, waded in the water, and explored.  One of the places we found was the Circle Bar Ranch Reserve near Lakeland.  What fun we had trying to identify the birds.


The last we'd seen of sandhill cranes was last spring in Chicago when a huge flock flew over our daughter's house.


We've not identified this one.  We saw several including one that was nesting.

Our friends told us that these are black-bellied whistling ducks. And no, we didn't hear them whistle!


Great blue herons live in our state also.  They have such a huge wingspan and are just beautiful to watch when they fly.


Aren't wood storks interesting?


We saw lots of these roseate spoonbills very busily eating something in the swampy water.


This was the first time we've ever seen a live armadillo although he didn't seem to be interested in posing for the camera.


How do you suppose this iguana climbed up on this wall?  He only had 3 legs, too.


We saw all sorts of these jelly fish that had been washed up on the beach during high tide.  I think they are the kind that sting.

Look what was lurking nearby along with her babies!

It's been awhile since we saw this little guy. I wonder whether he's perfected this maneuver while we've been gone.  Can you do this?  I think my leg would snap right off!