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Monday, June 26, 2023

The Beach, The Snow, and Two Finishes

 We just had a nice two day trip to Bellingham and then Mount Baker, WA. On the first day it took a bit of walking, but we finally found the trail to the beach.

And then we walked down to the water for a nice view of the Puget Sound.

The next day we went to Mount Baker which is noted for all  its snow.

Can you see these hikers with their dog?  We only walked a short ways on that trail which is pretty much all uphill and beyond where the road is closed to cars.

We thought this snowplow is pretty impressive!  We've been to this area in the summer, and even if it's hot, there will still be snow.

This newest little family member, who arrived last week, made my youngest cousin a grandpa is going to receive these booties soon

And I just finished this cowl yesterday but won't tell you when I started it!   As you can see, the pattern is pretty repetitive.  I love the yarn though.

It's hard to believe that June is almost over, isn't it? Hope you all have a nice celebration on the Fourth of July!

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Two Whole Finishes and a Fun Adventure!

I recently finished these two projects!

These two almost match!

We had a fun trip to Port Angeles, WA, recently. It's a fun place to visit and take nice walks on the Olympic Trail.  There's lots to see in the city as well, including a very nice yarn shop!

A  ways down one of the trails along the water is a park where you can see this memorial for September 11th. It's in honor of some of their residents who helped during that tragedy. 

The girder is from one of the fallen buildings and weighs 1,444 pounds!

Red hot pokers and a view of a couple of ships. You can take a ferry from this town to Canada.

We have never seen so many Canadian geese all at once!

This is just one of the interesting pieces of art on the city streets.


Have a nice day! This afternoon we are headed to our grandkid's school to see an exhibit that includes one of Stella's projects. (Yes, school is still in session until the end of the month because of a strike last fall.)

Friday, June 9, 2023

Finally a Finish! And a Few Other Photos

This is an interesting dishcloth pattern because it's the same on both sides!

When we went to see our oldest grandson's graduation, we were also fortunate to see his brother compete in a swim meet. It's sure hard to tell which one is him though.

On another evening we went to the choir concert; there are five choirs, including a show choir! Our grand daughter will be in that one next year. Her choir this year opened the show, and it was followed by a choir for kids with disabilities. All of the choirs were amazingly talented.

And here's the whole family following the graduation ceremony. It was a very busy time, that's for sure!

Meanwhile, back home, we have been working in the yard and catching up with friends and family here.   We've not seen these two since we got back, but our indoor plants have welcomed us with blooms!

Crown of Thorns

Goldfish Plant

African Violet

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Our Friday started out with some very welcome rain!

Monday, June 5, 2023

May Was a Busy Month!

It's been a while since I posted because we were in Illinois for our oldest grandson's graduation from high school. (Fortunately the ceremony was streamed so his other grand parents could watch also.) To our surprise, we were able to also attend the award ceremony where he was honored for his artwork, a wonderful choir concert in which our grand daughter sang, and a swim meet to see our younger grandson participate. During those ten days we also got to see some good friends as well as our son-in-law's dad who was in the hospital. Since we've been back home we've been doing lots of yardwork. Are you surprised?


It was interesting to see that kids decorate their caps now!

How come plants grow so fast when you're gone?

And needless to say, there are lots of knitting projects waiting to be finished! 
 Have a great week!