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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Lots of Walking!

On the way home from getting our second COVID shot we caught a glimpse of the new moon! 

Since then we've had some really nice days, so we've been exploring the local trails. We started out with a trail built where there were originally rail road tracks and did a few sections over four different days. Most recently we walked on the part of the trail that goes through our town.

Much to our surprise we came upon this art called "Nails. It's on the trail that passes The Soun Transit light rail link in Bellevue. Just prior to that, the trail splits and passes a very marshy area  where we saw these ducks.

Art and nature all in one walk!

Yesterday because it was cloudy we just walked on our neighboring hills. A couple of days ago though we decided to check out another trail called the Lake to Lake. We haven't walked on a lot of it, but it seems to connect with the lakes in our city.


 We did go to Phantom Lake and also saw Phantom Creek on a side trail. There are lots of houses around this lake but we found one spot where we saw some folks with their bikes; they'd actually been wading Brrrr!  On the street side, we saw a Monkey Tree! They have the strangest looking fruit.

And then we saw the most amazing outdoor train layout. Have you ever seen anything like this outside?

Today we walked in the other direction on this part of the trail, but I will save those photos for another post.  I did, however, finish one whole project in February! Another bracelet.  These are so fun to do.

The quilt and counted X stitch aren't  close to being done though.  Enjoy the rest of your week!