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Monday, November 18, 2019

Catching Up with November!

Hello!  I haven't gone into hiding, but somehow this month of November is flying by without any posts from me.  Probably like the rest of you, my needles have been busy  and so have our days. ( I am done with my cataract surgeries and can see well now at a distance. However, I am anxious for my visit with the optician so I will also be able to see well up close!}

My holiday projects have been derailed though by booties for a bunch of babies and their  varied arrivals, one pair last month and three pairs recently!

This pair is for a baby that's due in December.

This hat went along with the all pink booties.

Speaking of hats, I also made  this hat for a friend who is a big SeaHawks fan. ( I removed the pom pom per her request.)

And then I did another Cowl ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just now this little fairy whispered in my ear that it's time to make supper, so I will sign off.  Have a great week!