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Monday, November 18, 2019

Catching Up with November!

Hello!  I haven't gone into hiding, but somehow this month of November is flying by without any posts from me.  Probably like the rest of you, my needles have been busy  and so have our days. ( I am done with my cataract surgeries and can see well now at a distance. However, I am anxious for my visit with the optician so I will also be able to see well up close!}

My holiday projects have been derailed though by booties for a bunch of babies and their  varied arrivals, one pair last month and three pairs recently!

This pair is for a baby that's due in December.

This hat went along with the all pink booties.

Speaking of hats, I also made  this hat for a friend who is a big SeaHawks fan. ( I removed the pom pom per her request.)

And then I did another Cowl ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just now this little fairy whispered in my ear that it's time to make supper, so I will sign off.  Have a great week!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Mom had cataract surgery earlier this year and after having glasses 24/7 for 50 years, she now only needs them to read! It's amazing!

Lovely projects you've done! And I love that giant maple leaf! Sooo cool!

DelightedHands said...

Beautiful hand work happened recently! Very pretty work, especially the colorwork hat!

Debbie said... have been busy! Your booties are always so adorable. Lucky babies! Araignee

Betsy said...

Gorgeous knits Judy. I saw that hat and immediately said "Seahawks" before I read your post. It's GREAT!
I'm still out for the count with a terrible head/chest cold. I'm so over it. No sleep to speak of because of coughing. Yuck! I hope you get your eyes checked soon. I know how frustrating that can be.

Tired Teacher said...

Good to hear your cataract surgery went well. I'm working my way in that direction with checkups every six months. The little tennies are adorable!

kathy b said...

Judy, Great to hear from you!!! i am very glad your eye surgery was successful. I'm heading down that road. Did you notice any thing different before your surgery? My eyes are so dry they sting this week! The booties look so very soft. The gym shoes booties are just adorable.

karen said...

the tennis show booties!!! gah, they are cute. So glad that you posted and I got to see what has occupied your needles. Looks like you've been busy!

Dee said...

The baseball booties are adorable. What did you use to make the baseballs? Are they patches? SO cute.

Love the Seahawks hat too. The pattern is gorgeous and the pom pom made a perfect pop of grey. But, I can understand why the mom may not have wanted it on. You know babies. They pop EVERYTHING in their mouths including cute pom pom-ed hats.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Mereknits said...

Love all your projects Judy! But I think that hat would look better in Packer colors! Glad yo are doing well after your eye surgery.

Moira said...

I'm glad your cataract surgery went well! All of your knitting is lovely as usual. HOpe your holidays were lovely.

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