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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bits and Pieces and We're Off!

Yesterday Pat created a Poppy Tag, and since we still have some blooming in our garden and the light was still good, Dick took a couple of photos for me. One kind of poppy I love and can't get to grow is the California one; I think the birds eat the seeds before they can sprout! Heike has a beautiful blue poppy and a free embroidery design on her blog. Friends here have said the only place they know of them in this area is Buchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. Leftover from the Wizard of Oz?

Thanks to a clump from Janie, we have lots of these in our garden, and judging from the abundant seed pods, more to come.
Yellow Poppies

Lately, I've viewed everything through the CED Sound lens. Here's a fellow that has several sounds at his command, a most impressive screech as well as the sound of hammering which proves his woodpecker family status. Check out that beak!
Our big-beaked visitor

Lest you think that all I've been doing is playing in the garden, here are a couple of finished projects. I finally finished a striped Noro scarf which was easy and fun. The directions can be found on Ravelry. Joseph's Coat Scarf

Just the other day Knitting Daily had some free baby patterns, including these duck booties that I just had to make for Sophia. Jill told me once that Sophia likes ducks; hope they fit! Quack, quack!

Back to the garden because this is my absolute favorite time of year with all the flowers in full bloom. They don't make any sounds but cause the viewer to Ohhh and Ahhh. How was this beautiful columbine scrunched up in its bud? Columbines

Who paints the spots on these foxgloves?

Did you ever sing the song "White Coral Bells"? Here they are, only they aren't white!

And speaking of noise, we are hoping this little critter and its friends won't do too much damage while we're gone.

Yep, we are off to Chicago in the morning. David needs help with his landscaping job!
Slow but Sure!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Creative Every Day Ponderings

The days seem to fly by without my writing anything about the CED challenge. This month's theme is Sound, and soon after I read this, I received a photo from Jill that fit the theme perfectly. What is more distinct than the cry of a newborn? And then before you know it that sound is different, not to return until another baby arrives. As you can see David doesn't mind this sound one bit!
The Sound of a Newborn
Then there's the sound of laughter, or at least my laughter, because that's what I did when I saw today's picture of Sophia wearing her new hat. I wonder what mischief she's planning?
Silly Sophia
April's theme was Color, and in thinking about that, I realized that my color choices are pretty predictable as you can see in Sophia's hat and sweater. So, one of my new goals is to expand my color horizons, and we'll see in the coming months whether or not I can do it.

The theme for May was nature, and despite the fact that I never posted anything, we enjoyed taking lots of photos with that in mind. I should say, Dick took the photos, and I chose the subjects. During the month of May, it was pretty easy to find lots of colorful examples of nature almost anywhere you looked.
Eastern Washington
The day Cascade Pass opened following its winter closure, we drove to Winthrop, WA, and were amazed by the yellow hills, covered with a daisy-like flower, and all the fruit trees in full bloom.
Melting Snow
The snow was still present at the top of the pass but elsewhere we saw lots of cascading waterfalls, the very kind that gave our mountains their name.

Our own yard had lots of hyacinth, crocuses, camelias along with lots of tiny little bunnies looking for snacks. The appearance of this trillium was a lovely surprise; I had so hoped it would survive the winter!
Late one afternoon we went for a walk at a park in Kent where we saw more skunk cabbage than we'd ever seen before.
Soos Creek
True to its name, it does smell rather like those furry black and white critters.
Pretty but smelly!
We also found this example of what happens in the rain forest where we live. The trees often are covered with moss or lichens, and sometimes its a struggle to see which will survive.
"Hairy" branches

The signs, colors and sounds of nature are all around us, just waiting to be noticed if we but take the time.