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Monday, September 19, 2022

Can you guess what this is?

 Look what we saw on a recent hike
in a forest preserve in Illinois!

And last night here in Bellevue we saw the Space Station go over our house.

Hope you are having a great day!

PS Is anyone besides me having trouble getting posts to publish?

Saturday, September 17, 2022

It's Been Busy Here!

 It's taken me a while to have time to post, and I'm sure you probably noticed.  We were gone over Labor Day weekend. We traveled by air for the first time since COVID appeared in 2020 and had a wonderful family gathering in Mundelein, IL. All 12 of us were there, and my sister and her husband also stopped in for a couple of days. We also visited some friends in Wisconsin and walked around where I grew up; that was fun, too.

I finally finished the Miss May shawl, which was a MKAL that I didn't finish on time, but now it's finally done!  It's huge. At them moment I'm also working on another MKAL that I didn't finish as scheduled. I guess I'll never learn, but at least I used yarns from my stash for both of them!

 We recently had a couple of visitors in our back yard and are wondering whether he's related to the big buck that visited us earlier in the month.

My next post will not be for a while because we are about to attend a funeral for a dear friend who passed away in May from Lewi Body dementia, a horrible disease.  Hope all is well with you all!