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Monday, March 11, 2019

First March Finish and Trip Photos

We really enjoyed our CA/AZ trip so much that we don't have any photos from the AZ part! However, we did get some photos in CA.

We hiked around a small lake in the Yorba Linda Recreation area and saw this turtle soaking up the sun.

Apparently, the ducks were more interested in the bottom of the lake.

Part way around the lake we discovered this little pond complete with 2 egrets (thanks, Dee), 1 great blue heron and another smaller turtle.  We also were greeted by several pretty squirrels that were hoping for a treat.

Just outside San Diego we took another hike in the Torrey Pines Natural Reserve. We also saw some hikers who were more ambitious than we were.

Why didn't I wear a short-sleeved shirt?

The trail to Razor Point went pretty much straight up which is not our thing.

Later that day we stopped at a rest stop where there was a sign warning of poisonous snakes and insects, but we didn't encounter any, thankfully!

Then we stopped for gas and thought we might have been affected by the heat.  Yep, there were quite a few dinosaurs by the gas pumps.

In addition to seeing the sights, we visited friends and relatives. I guess we got so busy chatting that we failed to take any more photos.  However, I did find one photo online of an amazing bird we saw on a hike with my sister and her husband.  We were told that this Elegant Trogon, a native of Mexico and Guatemala, also lives in Madera Canyon.

And here's my finish, another Interrupted Cowl, this time in Bamboozle, which is similar to Bamboo Bloom.  The color is Lagoon, but I would call it Southwestern Sunset and here's why!

Have a great week!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Snow Again???

Just a quick update.  We just got back home from ten days in Southern California and then Arizona. Our plane landed in the thickest fog we'd ever seen, and then we woke up this morning and our driveway looked like this:

Don't you think we should have stayed away longer?

This one was glad to see us though.
Now I've gotta go fold some laundry.  No finishes to share, but soon, I hope.  Have a great weekend, and don't forget to change your clocks.