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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Our Deer Lounge

 On an afternoon last month, we looked our our window and saw this deer lounging in our backyard.

And just a few minutes ago, we had another visitor!  This one seems just as comfortable but has larger horns and its coat seems a different color.  Before leaving, it enjoyed a snack of salmon berry leaves, but thankfully ignored everything else!

I wonder what we'll see next?  Hopefully not the bear that seems to wander around in these parts!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Finally a New Post!

 In case you haven't guessed, things here have been kind of crazy. Early in March I fell and was hobbling around for a while. Plus, we did quite a lot of child care for our daughter's two kids; she  is working at home, and after school restarted Max and Stella had to be picked up mid-morning and then they had online classes during the day each Wednesday. We had lots of fun doing things in the afternoons, taking walks and even an adventure at one of our local parks. It's in the middle of our town and is a working farm with goats, sheep, and horses plus a few chickens.

One day we saw a Mama and Papa Eagle at a park not far from their house in Magnolia! Apparently the eagles return to their nest in that tree every year.  We were happy to see them when we did because the tree is leafing out making it more difficult.

Apparently Papa stands guard while Mama tends the nest.

Stella is perfecting her knitting skills and was proud to make her dolly a hat!

And then just a couple of weeks ago, just to keep things really interesting they got a cute little puppy.  More about Lulu another day.  Just this week, Catherine's niece got home from college and took over helping out with the children, so we've been very busy doing some very neglected yardwork as well as catching up with friends. That's it for now; I'm off to read some blogs finally!