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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Happy Valentine's Weekend!

Hope everyone had a very nice Valentine's Day! Even the weather celebrated here as the sun actually appeared and not even a drop of rain came down. (We had the rainiest January since 1953, and back then I lived in Wisconsin where it probably snowed.) In our family there are quite a few birthdays in December and January, and that caused quite a lot of knitting:

First was a scarf that found a home with Michael: 

Then came Catherine, right after Christmas. I really like this pattern and plan to make it again.

Then comes Max.  Here's what I knit him for Christmas, and not too many days later, came his January birthday. 

I think you'll recognize this guy! He was a fun knit!:

You've already seen this hat, and here are the matching mitts for David, our speedy swimmer and best of all they fit!:

There were two more January finishes:  This one for a choir friend's new baby. (You've seen this pattern before many times.)

and this one for another choir friend who loves tacos:

It's from a sweater pattern, but I used the design to make a pot holder!

That's it for now. Have a wonderful weekend! (We are spending the President's Day holiday with our local grand kids.)  See you next time; now back to breakfast and my February projects. (All are yet to be finished!)