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Friday, February 28, 2014

Off the Needles and Out into the Garden

Not too long ago while shopping at Joanne's, I found this new yarn called Keppi that comes with a pom pom!  So instead of knitting on those long rows of my shawl, I dug though my stash, found it and started a hat.  It's coming along even though the shawl isn't. (If you want to see what others are knitting, check out PatchworkTimes .)

The sun came out this week, and the roses got their pruning.  While outside I discovered this lenten rose, much to my delight.  I've tried many times to get one of these plants going, and finally it looks like my persistence has paid off! Hurrah! 

Earlier this week we spotted some sure signs of spring right out our bedroom window.  This plant, which started out as a mere twig years ago,  is now quite tall and easily seen from our second story.  Don't you just love pussy willows?

But the most exciting occurance of the week was this blossom right in our own kitchen!  Last year this orchid came home with us from the UW orchid sale.  It was in full bloom then and the flowers lasted for months.  When that was done, I trimmed both stalks; one dried up and the other one produced a new shoot that had 3 buds.  It took forever, but one of the three buds finally opened this week.  One dried up and as you can see, that appears will be the fate of the third bud also.  For now we'll just continue to enjoy this survivor and the only time so far that we've ever had an orchid rebloom.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Still Stitchin"

Even though my wayward yarn arrived, I've not made a lot of progress with the Downton shawl.  It takes forever to get across a row, and I was easily distracted by some very good news. My daughter told me that little Audrey had been approved to come home! (Many thanks to those of you who prayed for her.) I think she weighs over seven pounds now, which is amazing considering how very tiny she was when she was born.

So, I ordered some bright angora yarn and made some "welcome home" booties.  Catherine picked them up this morning when she and Max paid us a visit, so Audrey will get them tomorrow.

This week I also finished two more of the Veranda Views designs.  Just three more to go! That's good because our quilt group decided on a new project, one that will take some time. Now, back to work on another row of those 400+ stitches; it's slow going.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Saved !

Whew!  They finally made it.  I wish they could talk and tell me about their journey but  am so glad they arrived so I can finish my project.  This photo also shows their true color a bit better; there's a definite green in amongst the blue.  I've also learned that alpaca, at least this yarn, doesn't have the best stitch definition, but it sure is nice and soft.

Here's a teaser from block five.  Chooks, I guess that's what they're called in Australia? You'll have to wait a bit to see this one finished at the end of the month along with block four.

When I was looking in my stash for a specific color of DMC thread, which I never did find, I discovered these little shoes sans the hearts.  They are size 3-6 mos. and it dawned on me that it was now or never for Stella.  Thanks to Kathyb"s perfect timing with her heart post, I whipped these off.  Haven't heard whether they fit or not though.

Max and I enjoyed a story together until he got distracted by his sister.

They are great friends.....for now.  I had fun feeding Stella her first cereal.  But now we're back home and it's time to get those needles busy.  

Friday, February 14, 2014

On the Needles

The  Downton Abbey Shawlette from a KAL is on my needles and also on hold until more yarn arrives.  And that may be a while because according to the tracking info, it was almost here (Federal Way) when it got sent off to Dallas, Texas.  How weird is that? That is some detour!

Meanwhille, I've picked up my embroidery needles and am working on this Willowberry pattern which I started ages ago. It will eventually be a quilt, and  the stitching on four blocks is done.  Here are two more of them:

And here is a teaser from block four.

Back to work!  Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Snowy Surprise!

Yesterday morning, much to our surprise, we woke up to this

and this.

Then our Chicago daughter sent us this, taken of their backyard:

Now that's real snow, isn't it?  Check out the swings; I don't think anyone's going to use them anytime soon, do you?  The ice on "their lake" is said to be 22 inches thick!

Despite the snow on our hill and theirs, we made it over to our local daughter's house no problem.  Here's Dad and Max examining their neighbor's frozen Seahawks fan.  It's hard to see but there are lots of little snow people at its feet.

It fits!  She does NOT like it tied, however.  Have a warm and cozy week!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Fun Weekend and Then Some Knitting~

After an all day choir workshop on Saturday, we got up, had a leisurely morning, and then headed to Alderbrook Lodge on the Hood Canal.  We got there just in time to watch a very important game and then had a very tasty celebratory dinner. 

The next day we walked to the end of the pier which we could hardly see in the dark the night before; just the lights told us it was there. Off in the distance we could see the entrance to this part of the Canal.

Can you imagine Vancouver's ship sailing here so long ago?

This is Alder. S/he used to have a companion named Brook, but Brook passed away a few months ago  we were told.  Alder seems happy to "decorate" the entrance to the lodge.  We didn't meet her/him until just before we left.

Before we headed back home, we did a little exploring. This is the Dalby Waterwheel which has been preserved. The Dalbys brought the wheel from Seattle in the early 1900s to provide electricity to their house.  As you can see, moss and ferns do very well in this part of the world! Our exploring took us through Port Orchard and a requisite stop at A Good Yarn and the adjacent Tea Room, and then we headed home. (We did not attend the parade yesterday though, but read that 700,000 other people did. Brave souls!)

Since our return, I did finish this dishcloth and an ear warmer.

This is made from leftover Berocco Brio according to Kathy B's instructions.  (I used a size 13 needle and only 13 stitches though.)   Hope it fits Sophia!

That's all for now.  Back to my Downton Abbey KAL project and maybe even some embroidery. Have a great weekend.