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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Finally Another Finish!

It took a while, but I finally finished these two finger puppets after ripping out half a sock! At least these turned out OK.  They will soon be headed  to the Midwest and a special birthday boy.

Lately besides lots of walking up and down our local hills, we've been enjoying lots of pretty spring flowers in our yard.

This little gem was in a Mother's Day bouquet. I'd never seen anything like it.  Have you?

Enjoy the rest of the week!  Now I need to get busy on some of my many WIPs, including that naughty sock!  Take care and stay well.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Happy Monday!

I must be the slowest post writer.  It's a crazy time isn't it? Right now DH is on a conference call with his men's group which usually meets on Mondays in person.  We are finding it difficult to even remember which day it is without our normal schedules!  And I bet we're not the only ones. There has been plenty of knitting going on here, but I'm being naughty and starting new stuff instead of finishing all my many WIPs.  I have been trying to only use stash yarn though......

I did finish this pair of socks and was happy that they matched up. They are supposed to be the Plain Vanilla pattern, but I failed to do the second knit row.  I need to read more carefully, don't I?

Here's my most recent finish.  It's the Tiny Minion pattern, and believe me, it's very tiny! I didn't have any googley eyes but improvised with a button, and that's why there's only one eye. There wasn't room for two!  Luckily there really is a one-eyed Minion!

I know what you're thinking, how come there's only two completed projects with all this extra "lock down" time.  Well, it's spring and our garden's been yelling for attention.  




We've also been taking nice long walks almost every day in our neighborhood which has lots and lots of hills. It's also been nice to see other people's flowers, too.  Well, that's it for now except for one thing:

Kathy Boyer was correct. The snowy photos in my last post were from my sister in Minneapolis. Way to go, Kathy!  Stay well everyone!