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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stashbusting and Procrastinating~

As you can see from the photo, the day we left Chicago, it was chilly enough for our warm coats. David, though, is tough!

Since we returned home, it's been unusually cold for April with lots of hail and even some snow! However, flowers like these camelias are popping up everywhere. This bush is right outside our living room and a joy to behold.

Rather than fight with Mocha over the registers, Ginger has found a new way to keep warm. Come to think of it, there is a register down there, too. Smart cat!

Last week at my quilt group, we learned a new stash busting block that's both fun and easy. First, you sew strips together. The strips can be any size. Then you cut two squares. ( You can cut the squares from the same pieced strip like I did or two different ones. The squares just have to be the same size.) Put the two squares together, right sides facing, with the strips at right angles. Sew all around the outside of the square. Then cut diagonally X. Voila! You now have 4 interesting blocks!

Since we left Chicago, David has lost yet another tooth. He observed that he has a square in his mouth, and we have realized how quickly he's become a six-year-old.

This week I took a break from the shawls and socks I'm supposed to be finishing to try out the latest pattern from Knitting at Knoon. Peter says, "Happy Easter everyone!"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Signs of Spring

This afternoon on the way to look at tile for the kitchen, we stopped to admire some of the local flowering plum trees. Each year they provide a spectacular show, especially on streets where each yard has a tree. On days like today, which was rainy and cold, they are a welcome sight. (For the first time EVER, I had icicles on my umbrella because it hailed really hard while we were on our walk!) When the blossoms start to fade, the grass and streets will be covered with pink "snow."

Jill sent us a few pictures this week. As you can see, Dick had fun with the grandkids.

Jane had fun reading to Daniel. I wonder what he's saying to her?

After we left Chicago, it warmed up enough for the kids to enjoy playing outside. David caught a toad, but I'm not sure the toad was as happy about that as David was.

I've been working on a couple of knitting projects this week, and while I worked, enjoyed watching the EagleCam.Have you seen it? It's on 24/7 and great fun to watch Mom and Dad care for their young. The nest is high in a tree near a fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. Check it out! You'll be glad you did.

Friday, April 8, 2011

This is April?!

When we woke up yesterday, this is how our flowering plum tree looked!

Snow! On April 7th no less! This is Spring, isn't it?

Remember when you could touch your toes?

Not too much else happening here. Still recuperating from "the bug" and packing up for phase two of the kitchen do-over.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Back Home and Thawing Out!

Chicago was cold and even snowy one day while we were there, but we have lots of warm memories. Even though the kids were a bit under the weather with some kind of virus (which we may have brought home), we still had lots of fun. And as an extra bonus, we also got to see my sister and her hubby at Sylvan Lake and my aunt and uncle in Brown Deer, WI. My uncle turned 93 last week! We also went on a field trip with David's class on the last Friday before Spring Break. (No photos of that though)

All three of the grandkids love to hear stories, and they mostly sit still! I must have read The Baby BeeBee Bird a hundred times. Check it out; it's a fun one!

We also created some things with Crayola's Model Magic. It's like clay but dries hard without firing and can be painted. David especially enjoyed this.
While we were creating, Daniel was concentrating on his cars. How do all little boys learn that Brmm--Brmmm sound?

Daniel seems very well coordinated at nearly two. We watched him jump off a little step stool many times, landing upright each time. He even likes to dance but not with partners!

The last couple of visits we've been adopted by our grandcat Jehu. Each night and in between he took over our bed. Nice to have a warm spot waiting!

During naptime and in the evenings, I did work on a couple of knitting projects and put the finishing touches on another prayer shawl for a choir friend.

But what about the kitchen? The cupboards are in, and our weekend project will be to put things back where they belong. Hurrah! It's still not done, but the end is in sight~sort of.