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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jill's Scarf

During the various football games yesterday, I finished this scarf for Jill. It's made from a fun yarn called Little Flowers by Crystal Palace. I love the sparkle, which doesn't show up, and think the leftovers might just work for CQ embellishment as well. Then I started another scarf for Catherine using another colorway of the same yarn. Stay tuned....


Susan said...

What a lively looking scarf that is! I'm sure she'll love it! I'll be interested in seeing the yarn in a CQ project, too.

JK said...

Hi Judy..thanks so much hon for visiting my blog. I have been enjoying reading yours and I love pictures, so it was nice to "see" what you were writing about. Love that racoon picture! Good thing your little fur babe was in the house, as these furry little guys can be quite dangerous.

PS: Loved your little Christmas pillows!