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Monday, January 14, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes!

It was snowy like crazy here tonight, and now the moon is out! Even the smallest amount of snow makes our hills pretty challenging, so who knows whether we'll go anywhere tomorrow. Oh well, I bought some yarn and floss today, so I am set no matter what...oh, and groceries, too!

I've been working away on my Fall CQ block...only two seasons behind or so. I'm finding working without a pattern kind of challenging but also liberating.

Then the other project I finished today was this little rabbit made from 1 knit square. It's a complimentary pattern from HeartStrings Fiberarts and has great directions! It was fun to do and actually turned out just like the photo! I also am almost done with a scarf for Catherine...just have to sew in the ends and it'll be finished.


Ele said...

What a sweet little bunny have you made, Judy!
Exactly match for spring and Easter.
Wonderful is also your scarf, he is soon ready. Great!
Warm greetings from Gabriele

Susan said...

I love the bunny. Hard to imagine that comes from a square! Your fall CQ block is definitely fall-like, and I look forward to seeing your embellishments.

Malla said...

Your rabbit is so cute! How on earth did you manage to sew him? *very astonished*

Susan said...

I can see the stitching, actually. I like the tree and the stitching that goes into the arrow fabric best. I guess I thought you were going to add some sparklies or buttons, but maybe you are leaving that to your partner?