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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Music Ministry Abroad

Linda just sent us a link to her photo album from last summer's MMA choir trip to Russia and Finland. Sadly we had to cancel out due to our mutual health issues, but we did participate in a small way by sending along some quilts for the Russian children's hospice.

This was the fourth trip for our choir, and we participated in 2001 (Croatia, Slovenia, Budapest, Venice and Como, Italy) and again in 2004 (Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic). The most memorable experience in 2001 was singing during a Mass in St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice. In 2004 it was singing Psalm 23 at Auschwitz standing on the train tracks at the entrance. It was a holy moment in a place where unspeakable evil occurred, one none of us shall ever forget.
Nothing I'd ever read or seen prepared me for the vast expanse of this place.

This is a photo of a friend and me in front of a poster advertising one of our concerts.

Here we are waiting to enter the church to sing in Mikulov:

Now I find myself wondering where our choir will go next


Susan said...

It was too bad you had to cancel on the Russia trip, but I hope you get to go on the next one! These seem like once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to share your music and to see these places.

JK said...

Hi have some wonderful memories with all the places you have been. Hopefully you will be both strong enough to go next time.

Thanks for visiting my blog....and yes Mozart does talk and sing...constantly. His favorite tune is the theme song from Indiana Jones.