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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Comfort Quilts

Last summer when our choir went to Russia, they took along more than 75 lap quilts made by choir members and friends. These were given to children under hospice care in the hope that they'd provide a bit of love and comfort to the recipients. Due to health issues, we had to cancel out of this trip, but my friends saw to it that I also received a comfort quilt. First, I received one from 3 of my choir friends. They chose a pattern without knowing that fallen in love with that very pattern the first time I saw it a few weeks earlier.

Then, my quilt group gave me the teacup quilt that we'd been working on as a group since 2004 when I brought back the blue flowered fabric from Copenhagen, one of the places Dick and I went after our last choir trip. My friend Cathy quilted it after I pieced it with the blocks that everyone made using the fabric. Can you see the doll reading that she quilted to represent my work with adult learners?

Both quilts were given to me at a point in my treatment when I was physically and mentally exhausted. The caring and love in each stitch of these treasures helped me through the last hard weeks of radiation, but more than that they serve as a constant reminder of my wonderful friends. I feel so blessed!


Susan said...

Both quilts are really beautiful, and I can understand how they would have been a comfort to you. I really like the colors in your heart quilt.

Ele said...

Hi Judy,
both quilts are very beautiful!!!
Greetings Gabriele

Lapplisor said...

Hello Judith
which for marvelous covers you show here.
wonderful work was made at both, and quilted pleases me also much. I worked also for a children's home in Russia quilts, which Childhood Foundationstiftung has her handed over.
A beautiful thing to help in this kind.
Greeting from Germany Barbara

Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

Two wonderful quilts,Judy,... and I understand your thoughts about them! It's very helpful to do this work in a hard situation!
Many greetings from Ulla

JK said...

These are simply beautiful! Thanks for popping over to my blog darlin, and your lovely comments. I didn't know you have dealt with the "dragon". I have had it three times and for some reason, I'm still here. God Bless you hon, and pray that 2008 is a good year for you with no problems.

Gail said...

Judy, these quilts are beautiful and I know they bring you comfort. I know I have received two comfort quilts myself, both in loving comfort for the lose of my Dad.

These two of yours are a true treasure and I know when you see them you feel the love that radiates from them.