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Monday, September 4, 2023

Finally a Finish and a Fun Walk

Here's another dishcloth from the same pattern as the last one. This one shows off the stitch pattern much better, just as solids usually do. Both sides are interesting. Below is the back.

And this is the front. It's a fun knit.

Last Saturday, we took a walk at a nearby lake.
It's well worth the drive, and there's also lots to do. It's about a 3 mile walk, but you can turn around any time. There's a splash pool for kids, boats to rent, swimming when the water's safe, just to name a few. The geese and ducks like it, too! Glad we went then because it's rained every day since then!

Happy Labor Day!


Delighted Hands said...

Nice pattern for the dishcloth! The lake looks like a great place to visit!

Araignee said...

What a fun adventure! That water looks so good right now. I stuck my head out the door and it's almost 100 out there. Ugh.

karen said...

beautiful photos! we are waiting for a heat wave to leave us, then I will be outside again :)

Sandy said...

Looks like a good place to walk with lots to see and do. What stitch/pattern did you use for your dishcloth?