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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Farewell, October!

Leaves are falling steadily, here and in the Midwest as well. When we were visiting last month, David was anxious to play in the leaves but only acorns were raining down. Times have changed!

Here the sidewalks and gutters are covered with leaves thanks to recent wind and rain. Our area has a variety of maple appropriately called the Big-leaf Maple. Can you see why? Some are even larger! What we can't figure out is why we get these leaves in our yard since no trees of this type are in it!

Not too many projects to show at the moment although I did complete this scarf. It's made of Bee Sweet Magic Ball, just one of an African brand that returns part of the price to the women who make it. The original project, a shawlette, was driving me crazy because I didn't like the fishnet look from the size 36 (!) needles which were awkward to use. So I switched to this simple garter stitch pattern on 112 stitches which was in the Webs Winter Catalogue. It shows off the yarn changes much better although frogging mohair is NOT FUN!

This past Friday my quilt group had a work party. We ended up with 72 partially finished stockings, just 8 short of the number our local Ronald McDonald House requested. Here are my most recent contributions. (The green is the backing for both Felix and Bugs.) Next time we are adding a white fleece cuff, and they'll be finished.

Another indication that the holidays are sneaking up on us is provided every year by our mixed up Christmas cactus plants. This one is a combination of two colors, and it's the first time both parts have bloomed at once since Janet sent it to us. None of them bloom at Christmas anymore, and this year they're out for Halloween!

Speaking of Halloween, no post on this day would be complete without photos of the GK in costume. Even Daniel is participating this year, and Sophia may be living in her outfit which just happens to be her favorite color. Remember the tractor? This girl loves anything PINK!

Happily, Jill and Michael keep us well supplied with photos since we can't be there in person. David's class had a grand celebration. He's the NASA guy, waiting for Mom who arrived wearing her old chicken costume. Wish I could have seen that!

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

So cute! Is Daniel a camel?

Cranberry Morning said...

What cute photos! What is it with little girls and pink. :-)

Those leaves are absolutely HUGE!!

How often does your quilt group get together for a work day? that sounds like fun.

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
We too can the autumn the leaves fall from the trees. The daily sport means return leaves.
Fortunately, my leaves are not as huge as the leaf, which you show ;-)
Sofia knows exactly what color it is so good. She looks so cute!
The two boys have very nice costumes.
I like your work too well. The little boots are a nice idea :-)
Happy Halloween

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

I'm sitting here at the computer
keeping one ear out for the door
and the shouts of little trick or

It's gotten quite cold out and
the temps are dropping below freezing tonight for the
first time this season. I do
not envy the Moms and Dads that
are escorting their kiddies
around the neighborhood tonight.

DH has put the heater in the
bird bath to keep the water
from freezing, which is
another one of those signs
that the cold season is upon

Cripes!!! Look at the size of
that maple leaf!!! It's huge!!
I've never seen one that big
before. How big is the tree

Your new scarf looks like a
nice cozy one and I like how
fluffy it looks. It's great
that part of the money from
this wool goes back to the
women who make it.

Being a huge Bugs Bunny fan
I was delighted to see that
my favorite hare is featured
on one of your new Christmas
stockings. Love it!!

Christmas cactus plants are
very pretty but does anyone
ever get them to actually
bloom at Christmas??? It's
neat that yours is two
colors. Does that mean that
there's two plants in the

Your grandkids look adorable
in their Halloween costumes.
Hope they have good weather
for and have lots of fun.


Wildflowerhouse said...

They are so cute. Love seeing their sweet happy faces. Yesterday we were at Benaroya Hall for a private memorial service.Down the hall the children were being let out of a musical event for kids and Halloween. They were all dressed so cute. Lady bugs, princesses, martians and bees. Life does go on doesn't it. I have really struggled to get over the nasty flu shot reaction. It has knocked me for a loop.

hakucho said...

Glad to know someone else has an early blooming Christmas cactus! Mine always blooms around this time of the year. Seems like once I bring it back inside ( I leave it out until the first chance of a frost) the buds set up and it's not long after that - that the blooming begins :) I look forward to the blossoms every year!

Barbara C said...

My Christmas cactus is also full of blooms. It usually blooms a couple of times a year at the oddest times.

Your scarf is very pretty. You get brownie points for unraveling mohair. I hear it's easier to do if you put it in the freezer first, but I hope I never have to test out that theory.

Charlene ♥ NC said...

What a delightful halloween lineup! They're such darlings... Do you put your cactus in the dark for some period of time? I don't know the details, but my dad puts his in the closet for a number of days, etc, and it usually makes it to Thanksgiving or thereabouts.

Happy Autumn

Siobhán said...

My Christmas cacti are in bloom, too! I have two that bloom constantly, and another that has never bloomed. I love them, though!

Your projects are wonderful! The grandkids' costumes are fantastic!

That is a HUGE maple leaf!!

SueR said...

Lots going on in your world, Judy! Your grands are so darn cute!

Linda Vincent said...

I always love seeing photos of your family Judy; Sophia looks so pretty and as for Daniel.......well, he never fails to make me smile!! Love the one of him in the previous post too :-)
Linda xx
Amazing cactus BTW...never seen one like that before.