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Thursday, October 14, 2010


How could I forget about Socktober? Last year I knit Kirsten Kapur's very fun Mystery Sock, so when I realized she was doing another one this year, all my good plans of finishing a couple of sweaters got derailed in favor of following along with the socks. (This year's pattern is just as pretty but can't be shown till they're finished.) And then along came my quilt group's latest project:

The local Ronald McDonald House requested 80 Christmas stockings, and guess whose group jumped on board? Our last meeting was spent cutting out lots of stockings from some prequilted fabric one member brought, and then I took home some different fabric to quilt and made 4 more. The next step is to sew the pairs together and add a white fleece cuff....probably at tomorrow's meeting.

And then there was this cute project that I stumbled on at the Spin a Yarn website. It looked like a perfect bootie for the antepartum moms, so I had to give it a try. The way the ears are made is quite clever, and the pattern is free!

And then there's these three little gremlins. Time to get a Halloween box in the mail. Oh my, when will I ever get back to those sweaters?


Pamela Kellogg said...

Judy, what a sweet post! Stockings for the Ronald McDonald house, those little knitted booties and the gremlins! So precious!

Susan Elliott said...

I can't wait to see the mystery socks. I've always wanted to do that! Those kids are so adorable. I love the older one reading to hte baby in the midst of all the mayhem. They've got their priorities straight!! Just like their grandmother. The sweaters will get done...

Anonymous said...

I just love those little bunny booties. Adorable

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

How wonderful!! The fun of
making Christmas stockings
plus a worthwhile place to
give them to equals the
perfect Christmas project.

These two stockings look
so cute with the snowmen
designs and pretty shades
of blue. The white fleece
cuffs will finish them off
and will looks so cute.

I love it!! Socktober!
Sockapalouza? Sock n Roll?
Sock 'till you drop? Socks
and the City??

I'll stop now.

Those bunny slippers are just
adorable. These will be very
popular I think and will be
greatly appreciated by the
lucky recipients. Love those
little pink noses and the
floppy ears.

Your granddaughter is very much
a pink princess isn't she? It's
nice to see your older grandson
reading to his little brother
like that.

Love the red dishcloth with the
ladybug pattern knitted into it.
That's a gorgeous shade of red.

I guess if you do have to wash
dishes it's nice to use some-
thing pretty like these dish
clothes, but the though of them
getting dirty seems such a shame.

The pumpkin hat is cute too.
Love the stem and the tiny leaves
at the top.


Kathy A. said...

You go girl! Those winter stockings are lovely.
The little booties - precious.
And the litte ones - just so special!

Barbara C said...

I think it's a virtue to not sweat too much being distracted from projects in progress. Sometimes you just need to start something new. And those bunny slippers are an adorable distraction.

hakucho said...

Cute stockings...cute booties...and...cute kiddos :)

SueR said...

I agree with everyone else--everything in today's post was just plain cute. Those stockings almost look like they'd be big enough for potholders!

Kathy Raker said...

Sophia is so pretty in pink and so sweet David reading to Daniel. Hope they stay close as some siblings seem not to get along as they get older. Adorable bunny booties and a wonderful project for Ronald McDonald house.

Micki said...

All the pics are just so cute. I really enjoyed seeing them all!

Linda said...

Those bunny booties are too cute. The Christmas stockings for the Ronald McDonald House are a wonderful idea! I know what you mean about getting things done...I have so many things to finish!

Janet said...

Nice fabrics in the quilted stockings. The only thing cuter than those bunny booties are the little gremlins.

Siobhán said...

I love the booties and the stockings! What a great cause--that is so great. Your family pics are wonderful, too. :)

Linda Vincent said... sweet are those booties!! (And that pink fairy ;-)