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Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Dishcloth, Some Stitching, and Something PINK!

The month of September got away from me. We were gone for ten days, and I didn't do a whole lot of knitting or stitching. I did work on a couple of sweaters but need to make a button run for both, and a sleeve and front for one. I did finish this little dishcloth though, summer's last butterfly.

The backstitching on the letter "V" is finally finished on the Christmas SAL, and it's done except for the beads. I've been saving that part for last but have been wondering if I should do them as I go. I'm afraid they'll be in the way of the hoop. As you can see, I've started a couple of new letters. Wonder how long they'll take? It's certain that this project won't be done this year!

Did you know that tractors come in pink? That just happens to be Sophia's favorite color for the moment. Doesn't she look happy? (I know this has nothing to do with either sewing or knitting, but hey, what's a gramma to do?)


Anonymous said...

Well Judy, you might not have gotten your sweater done, but that wash cloth is gorgeous and almost too pretty to ever use!!! I'd hang it up for decoration!

You are so right about the pink tractor and showing off your sweet granddaughter! She looks thrilled to be in control behind the wheel, even though it wasn't moving. LOL You did point that out to her I'm sure! :) I have 5 granddaughters and they love to drive a pink tractor!

Jeanne said...

Cute picture!

Susan said...

She does look happy... Every girl needs her own pink Cub Cadet....

I do cross stitch in a Kay's Frame and i used some batting to put over the already stitched part with the beads added. I am like you. It seems that the hoop could crush the glass beads.

Anonymous said...

So, did you buy the tractor for Sophia? It looks like she MUST have it --- look at the eyes on the front. Every little girl needs her own girly tractor.

Lynn said...

Cute picture - there is no rule after all that says that tractors have to be green. Beautiful knitting - you do such lovely work. It's so pretty, I might not want to use it as a dish cloth. Although my dishes would be happy!

Lynn said...

I love that dishcloth, it's such a beautiful blue!
Your granddaughter looks so cute on the pink tractor. A pink tractor, that's a first for me!

Pat said...

If the tractor was purple~I might even mow the grass! Good job on your finishes!

Micki said...

I love that pink tractor, as pink is my favorite colour.

deb said...

wow...a pink tractor, too cute!!!!!! Love the dishclothes too!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

A pink tractor...what a find! Sophia looks perfect up there! Your x-stitch is coming along. I am trying to finish up a blanket for Project Linus...maybe is cooler today, only 66 out now, so great for sewing or stitching!

Cranberry Morning said...

I couldn't believe that I hadn't already signed up to be your follower! Good grief. What was I doing?? Anyway, so happy to be following now, and please, please do not put that lovely dishcloth in dishwater! Frame it and hang it on the wall. It's too pretty!

Love the pink tractor. How fun. :-)

allie aller said...

Beautiful knitting..and what a sweet child on that pink tractor!
Guess you will have to hit Weaving Works for those buttons.... ;-)

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
It's so cute - Sofia and the traktor ;-)

Lapplisor said...

sorry - I forgot your new knitting ..
it looks very nice, Judy.
Your Christmas SAL looks good even out ..
It is good that you take it Step by Step ..
Judy, I wanted to read you to be my " Erika embroidery " the size.
I'm on a 34ct linen embroidered - it has become 26x26cm size.

Thank you for your kind comments.
I hope you are well!

Marcy said...

Hmmm, I'm jealous -- I want a pink tractor also. did Sophia get to take it home with her??? Your stitching and knitting is beautiful. I love the butterfly.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Love the picture of your darling little granddaughter perched on
the pink (!!) tractor. I must
say that I've never seen a pink
tractor before ... and boy is
that thing pink!!! Sophia looks
as though she'd like to take her
new ride home with her. So cute.

Your Christmas SAL is looking
fabulous. Wonderful color and
detail in this one, but it sure
looks like it's going to be a
lot of work. You can consider
each square to be a reason to
happy dance when it's done
though. Good luck with it.

The newly completed blue dish
cloth is so very pretty. Love
that shade of blue and the
butterfly design in the centre
is delightful. But how could
you bear to use such a lovely
creation to wash dishes and
wipe down counter tops with??

Your many photos of your trips
around your home State this
summer were wonderful to see
and reminded me of how much I
would love to travel to your
part of the U.S. To see Mountains
galore, and the ocean and so much
more. So breathtaking.

And then I saw the picture of
that spider (in a previous post)
... and read how you get them at this time of year. Yikes!!
I HATE spiders!!! So maybe I'll
stick close to home for now.

:) Cheers!!

Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

Judy,I wish you a nice sunday!Here the sun shines through all buttonholes!
Your Christmas SAL seems to be a lot of work with so many diffrent colours!But it's wonderful!
Which yarn do you use for the dishclothes! Is it something special or is it a simple cotton?
In one comment,you ask me about our apples.We called it "Sternrenette"in Germany! I don't know the translation!Sorry!
Many greetings and all the best for you and your family,Ulla

Wildflowerhouse said...

Hi Judy, Have been going 100 miles an hour as of late. Trying to catch up. DH has been ill with pneumonia, but finally turning the corner, I hope. You asked about the shells. Some had holes and some I had to drill. Not my favorite thing to do.
Your granddaughter looks so cute on the pink tractor. I see you have been having fun in Chicago again!! I love that blue washcloth and your Christmas SAL. Busy gal you are.

Linda Vincent said...

Your Christmas piece is delightful Judy - I especially like the snowmen!