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Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Fall!

Not too much going on here except lots of walking since the weather has been so nice. The days are noticably shorter at both ends, and we know the winter rains are coming soon. Apparently the Midewest is having a wonderful fall as well. Doesn't Daniel look as if he's enjoying being outside?

This morning's paper had a surprise. President Obama visited the home of the UW hospital volunteer coordinator for one of his "backyard chats"! Not a word was mentioned when we volunteered there this week, but recently one of the patients in the antepartum unit wanted to make thumbless mittens, so I had to find a pattern that would work. First I made a plain one using fingering yarn on a regular 2-needle mitten pattern and omitted the thumb. Then I searched for another patter online and found something prettier. Unfortunately the woman had gone home before my next visit, but at least I have a couple of new samples in my stash of projects.

SueR recently showed a photo of a Halloween dishcloth that she made and included the link to her pattern. I decided to see whether I could change it from a lacy pumpkin into something slightly different. Remembering the huge ball of orange yarn left from Daniel's hat, I decided to make a hotpad. Don't know if this thick enough to be a good hotpad, but Dick immediately recognized it as a pumpkin! Hurrah!


Wildflowerhouse said...

I see you have been busy again. Those mittens are darling. AND of course your grandson is darling and delightful. Always smiling! I am getting over the flu which I got right after getting my flu shot. Yippee skippee! We need to do lunch sometime soon. (after I am well)

Lynn said...

Darling picture, don't you love that age? Really I am jealous of your knitting skills. Especially after seeing the pum;in hot pad, really love it. Imagine keeping quiet about the president coming to your backyard ?! That really is exciting. I wonder if they told the neighbors, or when they let their dog out they said "oh look it's the president in the Smith's back yard".

Merry said...

What a happy chappy your grandson is. You have been busy again with wonderful knitted creations.

Cranberry Morning said...

Those are darling mittens! Daniel looks cute in that big chair. :-)

I would never ever use that hotpad. I think I need a lot more knitting under my belt before I'm ready to do anything but frame things like that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Daniel looks like he is up to some mischief! LOL

Love the pumpkin hotpad.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

What adorable little mittens
you have created. Love the
fancier lacy one and can just
imagine it keeping a tiny
hand warm during the cold

Speaking of the cold weather
just ten minutes north of us
by car they had snow last
night. We didn't get any
but there was frost and DH
had to scrape the car window
before we could leave for
work this morning. Oh well..
here we go again...

Your adapted pumpkin pattern
turned out great!! No problem making out what the design in
the middle is meant to be.

Somethings sure tickled
Daniel's funny bone from
the looks of that picture.


Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

Me again! Almost
asked me which Kelley Armstrong
book was my favorite in your
latest comment on my blog.

The first books of hers that I
read was Dime Store Magic and
Industrial Magic and those two
remain my favorites. I love
Paige and Lucas and Savannah
and their relationship with
each other.

I liked the Men of the Otherworld
as well, and finding out Clay's
back story plus learning more
about Jeremy and his back story
as well.

I have all of Kelley's books
although there are still a few
that I have to read.

Just finished reading The Friday
Night Knitting Club by Kate
Jacobs and adored it. Have you
read it?? I just bought the
sequel and hope to read it soon.

So many books ... so little time!

Have you read Kelley Armstrong's


Lynn said...

Daniel is a real cutie!
And I love that pumpkin! Well done.

Marguerite said...

You've been busy, as usual. I always get the feeling of energy when I visit your blog.

Love the picture of Daniel. Isn't it great when a picture captures just the right thing?

SueR said...

Daniel looks to be full of joy! I very much like those little mittens. Hadn't thought of making them without thumbs for babies. Well done on the dishcloth! I like very much the changes you made, and I like the little stem on the top.

Linda said...

Very cute little mittens, and I like the pumpkin hot pad...perhaps if it's too thin it could just be used to put a hot dish on. I can't imagine the president coming to my neighbors would never keep quiet!

Micki said...

Your grandson is just so cute. I love the knitted items!

deb said...

your grandson is so adorable!!

LOVE the pumpkin hotpad...wish I could knit more than a scarf:(

Marcy said...

Such a cute little fella! Great pumpkin -- and I love the little bunny booties.

Barbara C said...

Pretty baby mitts. I haven't seen any of those in awhile, they must go and and out of style as baby gear.

Your grandson has a beautiful smile. He looks like a happy tot.