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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back to Normal!

The clear skies and cold temperatures have moved on, and our normal winter rain has returned along with warmer days. What you've heard about the wet weather in the Pacific Northwest, I heard "Northwet" on the radio recently, is mostly true and is certainly reflected in our vegetation. We're the EVERGREEN State for a good reason. Many of our tree branches are covered with lichen, like this hairy branch.

Long ago in biology class, we read about lichens and moss. Moss was common in the Wisconsin woods, but back then I never expected to live in a place where lichen grew so readily. It's everywhere, even on rocks in our garden.

And then there are these little critters which are all over the sidewalks. At first we thought they were the result of errant birds, but on closer examination, we realized that they are some sort of plant!

Our damp and chilly weather make a warm hat a necessity. We learned in a mountaineering class once that you lose a lot of your bodily heat when your head isn't covered, so a knit hat makes a lot of sense in this climate. Thanks to Dee and her blog, I found a link to this pattern called "Utopia." It was fun to do and should keep someone's ears and head nice and warm.


Anonymous said...

Your Utopia turned out great! I love that color.

We have lots of moss/lichens here too. The white one we call Reindeer Moss. You can find big balls of it in sunny spots in the swamp.

Rian said...

Brrr. But I absolutely love the lichens. They are so way cool.

Teddy Bear said...

Love the hat pattern and the color. Glad to catch up on your blog. Haven't been here in awhile. Love my sox that you posted the photo of that are now on my feet. Stay warm from frigid Minnesota. Jane

punkin said...

I enjoyed the photos of the lichen. The colors and textures are beautiful.

It has warmed up down here, too. We have been getting rain. It is supposed to get up to the 50s. Heat wave!

Kathy Raker said...

You may have lichen all over, but it does look nice from your pictures. The hat design and color are very nice, looks real comfy. I am enjoying the hat you made for me. It has been getting much to cold here. Your birthday gifts are adorable too. Congratulations on winning the coaster, cute design.

Mrs Quilty said...

I love your header! I don't know how to put those on. will have to ask my techi daughter! Beautiful pictures! Merry Christmas!

Susan Elliott said...

I love lichen!! Thanks for all the close up photos...I think its the color of lichen that appeals to me most though its organic nature has lots of appeal too.

Like the hat and liked hearing about your environs xo Susan

Micki said...

I enjoyed the photos of the lichens. I have some in my garden..They are beautiful!

spinndiva said...

Hello Judy!

So nice to hear from you! I haven't been blog hopping (or blogging myself for that matter) in forever! I will take tonight and read up on what you did!

Hugs and happy Holidays! :D

P.S. I got a baby lock grace bl 40 YAYYYY!

Barbara C said...

Your nature photos are always so beautiful. Wasn't that cold snap awful? I'm glad the weather here is warmer and wetter.