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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aprons A-Plenty, a Bib and a Few Potholders

Now that all the gifts have been opened, I can share some of my fall projects. Earlier I posted a photo of an apron made for Angelina's December birthday. Well, since I really made 6 of these Vanilla House patterns (3 large and 3 small) plus 1 bib and several potholders with the leftover fabric, I think this pattern needs a rest. The really fun part is picking out the material and buttons, but it's a relatively quick and easy project, once you've done the first one.

Apparently Sophia has taken to sleeping in her apron along with her new Bert doll and a miniature broom.

This one was for my sister Jane, who made an apron for each of her grandkids and forgot to do one for herself.

I used pickle fabric on the back of Sophia and Jill's aprons and a tomato print for David, Michael, and Daniel. Everyone has chicken buttons as a reminder of the Ohio farm trip, while the girls have sunflowers and the boys have red peppers as a reminder of this year's garden bounty.

Would you believe there is still fabric left? Now that I have a bit more time, maybe I'll make some napkins! That sounds about my speed at the moment!


Kathy A. said...

Love those aprons. And what wonderful gifts they make.

Merry said...

Terrific aprons....wonderful material. I really like the style of your sisters apron.

Cat said...

Wonderful aprons! You've been busy!

Enjoy the season!


Susan Elliott said...

Oh these aprons are cute!!! I love all the different fabrics...esp the pickles. I hope you had wonderful sing on Christmas eve...I wanted to log in but it was just too busy a day for us!

Anonymous said...

They turned out great.

Kathy Raker said...

Adorable aprons. Of course Sophia looks just darling. Love the blue eyes and pretty smile. This week has been a bit hetic. FIL fell monday evening and broke his hip. Surgery on Tuesday and been spending a lot of time at hospital.