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Sunday, August 7, 2022

A Reward for Walking!

Yesterday we were surprised by a nice reward on our walk! We got to see the Blue Angels who've been in town all week end for Sea Fair weekend. I had been a while since COVID snce they'd been here also.

I wonder what we'll see on our walk  tonight? 😀


Delighted Hands said...

They always put on an exciting show! Nice to catch a view of them!

Araignee said...

When they have the air show at Andrews they used to always buzz our neighborhood when I was a kid. One of our neighbors was married to one of the pilots. They are a sight to behold. We sometimes get a bunch of fighter jets doing maneuvers over the bay and it rocks the house. I always wonder if we are at war and then I remember the nuclear power plant down the road and hope not.

Dee said...

That is so cool.

The day that we moved into the Jacksonville apartment they came flying very low over the river. Now THAT was an experience. It was LOUD!!! It shook the whole apartment. LOL

We weren't far from NAS Jax.

karen said...

I walk the neighborhood early in the morning before the busy of the day, so it's nice to drink in the nature!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

So neat!
That's one of the things I miss about our old house - it was under the flight path of the historical air museum... we used to see all kinds of bombers, and other cool old planes flying over.

straythreads said...

I took my son to see the Blue Angels 20 years ago, very impressive.
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