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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunshine! Hurrah!

Today was a beautiful day, cold but clear. We went for our normal walk, and Dick took the camera along because I'd seen some heather blooming and wanted a photo for a new header for the blog. (See above!) At the top of Somerset hill, we had a great view of the snowy Cascades to the north.
The Cascades
After we got home, I wove in the ends on this baby sweater and sewed on the buttons that I found on a shopping expedition earlier today. This was such an interesting pattern to make because you start at the sleeve, make the two halves and then graft the whole thing together. The hood is also grafted with the final result being no seams! The pattern says the size can be varied by varying the yarn weight and needle size.
The back has a repeat of the Gansey design, and the actual grafting of the two pieces occurs along this edge. The pattern is by Cottage Creations and is called Babies & Bears Sweater. Thanks to Janine for helping me to find a source for this pattern which I'd seen on her blog!
One down, two more to go!


Anonymous said...

That sweater is ADORABLE.

Beautiful picture of the Cascades.

Linda Vincent said...

You're certainly having fun with the weather over there Judy - and I thought Britain was unpredictable! Your photograph is wonderful; is that really nearby? Wow...lucky you...
Linda x

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous scenery! Another sweet little sweater, too.

BeadBag said...

That little jacket is super. It's also easier to put on the babes, when the sleeves are 'raglan' style.
Shirley I.

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
You live so beautifully… - which for a landscape!
Your new jacket succeeded to you marvelously.
The many extras are beautiful.


- my blog is back :-)

Rian said...

What a beautiful shot! And the sweater is adorable.

Susan Elliott said...

What a BEAUTIFUL world you live in! It's stunning all the time...I still remember your turkey fungus and those beautiful mushrooms with the red tops and white dots. I loved your dino sweater and saw another that reminded me of you on the new Knitting magazine that just came out. I don't have any little ones to knit for...but if I did...I would make this one...
This little lavender sweater looks like a fun one to knit!

SueR said...

That is just an adorable little baby sweater. I am learning to knit and hope to be able to make something like this one day. Just lovely!