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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Another Finish and Some Nice Walks

Both sides of this dishcloth look nice, and it's supposed to wash stuff well.

Despite this morning's snow, we have taken some nice walks lately. The other day we went to Coulon Beach on Lake Washington. Part of it was closed for renovation, but it has an interesting spot called Bird Island where you can see some of Boeing's unfinished planes as well as interesting birds. We think that group of black birds is coots. It was a chilly day, so maybe that's why they are cuddled together!

Just yesterday the sun was shining, so we walked up a nearby hill for some nice views of the University District and also downtown Bellevue which isn't far from our neighborhood.

Apparently this rhododendron doesn't know it's January, and it would snow today!

Have a good week.



Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful pics from your walks! The rhododendron is gorgeous!

Araignee said...

I like the dishcloth pattern. It does like a good scrubby. It's a bonus when they look good on both sides.
I'm as confused as that poor Rhododendron. It feels like March here. Early spring. I can't get any winter mojo going with all this rain and mud.

karen said...

lovely dishcloth I like to knit those when I'm in between projects. I walk daily weather permitting of course.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Love the dishcloth and the reversible stitch detail.

SueR said...

I’m enjoying seeing all your dishcloths! Very pretty color in this post. I wish we had as much to see and do around here as you do!