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Monday, May 9, 2022

Spring? And 2 Finishes!

Well, the calendar says it's spring, but it's sure chilly and rainy here. The paper said we've already passed the average amount of May, and here it is only April 9th!  However, it's spring in our house. Thankfully several inside plants are blooming now, three violets and the crown of thorns.

Crown of Thorns

If I ever knit these socks again, I will make a smaller size!

This is a "slouch" hat, and our daughter liked it. I got the yarn a long time ago and was surprised to see what I had paid for it.  It's even $1 more now!

In case you're wondering, the nearby chickens have multiplied! We counted 7 the other day!

Have a great week!


Tired Teacher 2 said...

Prices are increasing every day, and sadly my grocery budget has not! Your plants are beautiful. Not much blooming here: it’s still too cold and windy.

Delighted Hands said...

What beautiful African violets! I miss having chickens...they are very interesting birds! Pretty socks and hat!

Barbara Curiel said...

Your violets are so pretty! I’ve got a tiny one in a window, and I’m hoping it will be inspired to bloom again soon. I love that yarn you used for your hat! The little daisies are very cheerful.

Araignee said...

I love African Violets! I used to have quite a collection before the cats decided to eat them.

kathy b said...

Your green thumb is showing. Your kntting is showing too. Nice socks. THe thing my mom grew was AFrican Vio. She gave them food designed just for the AF. She never 1et water touch the 1eaves. She re1ished every b1ossom!
I cannot get them to grow. Jokes on me. I just put the cactus out on our porch and I'd 1ike a few more.

Betsy said...

Your plants look beautiful. I just have one african violet and it's not looking good. Cindy from Delighted Hands told me one ounce of water a week. That's all. I started it the week before we left for London so I'll see if it dies too. I had one I gave my Mom for Mother's Day two years before she died. My Dad gave it back to me because he figured he would kill it. That violet lived 27 years before dying virtually overnight. I haven't been able to keep one alive since. But I have an orchid that has been blooming steadily since last June!
Your knits look very nice too. I haven't finished anything in awhile.

straythreads said...

Your flowers are so pretty. African violets always make me think of my grandma. Lovely knitting projects. That little sweater is adorable I’ll have to get that pattern thanks for including the link. Happy can’t remember the brand of the rwb sock yarn I wound it into balls a couple years ago but it might be Regia or sch….mire long German name