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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Well, June Flew By, Didn't it?

Another month is almost gone! I find myself wondering who sped up the clock as every day seems to vanish in the blink of an eye. This week marks the end of school for the kids in our area; and little Stella will be "graduating" from preschool on Friday and headed for kindergarten in the fall.  How did that happen?

Speaking of graduation, I made this bracelet for our grand niece who recently graduated from high school and is off to college at UCSD in the fall.

Do you remember this one?  Well, that yarn from Hobby Lobby is most generous, and I got two more dish cloths from that ball.  The first one had a funky corner and the second one was a bit better.

Believe it or not, there was a small amount of yarn left after the second one, er, really the third one!  This pattern  is a variation on Grandma's Favorite.

Because it's been a bit chilly and rainy here this month, one weekend we headed east of the mountains to the Tri-Cities to get warm.  (Can you see Mount Adams?)

On the way back home we stopped at Trout Lodge for a delicious lunch. This tree is right next door and caught our eye!

Back on the home front, this inside plant, a Hoya, decided to bloom for the first time in ages, and the roses are going crazy outside.


These two have been constant visitors lately.  The Steller's jay has been known to swallow the peanuts whole, and both it and the squirrel have run/flown off with more than one peanut at a time.  We have peanut wars right here on our patio!

Have a great week, Everyone!


Mereknits said...

Glad you are enjoying the summer Judy. Well done on the dishcloths.

Anonymous said...

The bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats to BOTH the graduates! I can't believe Stella is that old already. Time really DOES fly.

Caffeine Girl said...

Peanut wars! If only that were the only kind of war!
That bracelet is just stunning. Is it embellished peyote stitch?
I should knit some dishcloths, They are so fast and they make nice gifts!

Tired Teacher said...

Hoya's are great house plants, but I've never seen one with blooms - beautiful. Oooh, the bracelet is divine - such a wonderful gift for a young woman.

kathy b said...

The bracelet is just lovely!

Sharon said...

I have some of those hoya plants. They are so fragrant. I love the flowers. But mine flower annually. So if you want another start.....

Araignee said...

Beautiful bracelet! The peanut war is too funny. We used to throw them out to the squirrels until we caught the fox and the deer eating them. Those critters have worn out their welcome.

Betsy said...

The summer is going by so quickly. I have been enjoying the cool, wide open windows, weather we’ve had for a few weeks. You were SO close to us in the tri-cities. It would be great to meet sometime. Love the bracelet and great job on all of the dishcloths. I really “Love that Cotton!”

karen said...

that bracelet looks delicate and I bet she loved it!! washcloths are such a nice thing to knit during the busy summer weeks.

elns said...

Sounds like a good summer! The first place I lived after I moved out of my family home, the family would leave seed and nuts out for the local birds etc. The jays and squirrels were forever battling! I was not a fan of the jay he was soo territorial and mean!

Susan said...

Peanut wars made me laugh. I can just imagine how that goes. It sounds like summer is off to a great start for you. I'm wondering how it got to be July so fast myself. You know we already passed the summer solstice and are on the way to shorter days! Your wash cloths look amazing, and will be such fun in any kitchen! That's a lovely bracelet, too. I didn't know you were into beading.