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Thursday, June 7, 2018

How'd It Get to Be June?

It's been busy here!  May and early June are always a bit crazy everywhere, I think.  We had a fun visit at the end of the month with one of my sorority sisters and spent a fun day with her in Gig Harbor.

Part of the family got together on Memorial Day for a picnic in our backyard, and while it was a bit chilly, it didn't rain even one drop! They brought this lovely hanging basket which now hangs on the deck off our living room.

Speaking of the backyard, the flowers (and weeds) have been amazing. First the trillium and bleeding heart bloomed.

As you can see on the header, our clematis is having a great year!  The iris are done and so is the golden chain tree, but the poppies are out in abundance.

There are even flowers inside the house with most of the violets blossoming.

But what about the knitting, you say?  A couple pairs of booties have popped off the needles for the a couple choir Grandma's first grandchildren.

That's about it.  Tonight is our last choir rehearsal until late August.  On Sunday we are premiering a beautiful hymn written especially for our choir.  Here's the link in case you care to hear it. (You can tune in at either 9 or 11 AM PST.) Have a great weekend!


Betsy said...

Hi Judy, Your plants are all beautiful as are the tiny booties. We had a nice Memorial Day too. It's sunny and hot today, but it sounds as though we're in for a change over the weekend.
I mentioned on Sam's post in answer to your question about the Knit Pro Zings. I bought mine from WEBS online. They were well under $10 and my favorite needles to knit socks with. I wish I had known about them years ago. I hope that helps. Have a wonderful weekend.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love all the flowers!

Araignee said...

Oh, those flowers! I love African Violets. I used to have a so many of them until I got the cats. They eat them.

Tired Teacher said...

Bleeding Hearts are one of my favorites. I was sad to see that my iris have produced their last blooms: they always represent Spring in my mind. My Mom had rows and rows of them.

karen said...

nothing like sweet little booties to round off a post. I agree, how did it get to be JUNE? May was a flash.

Caffeine Girl said...

Those clematis are really beautiful!
Sounds like the usual with you -- lots of fun with family and friends. It's so nice that you can get to Chicago to see that set of grands!

kathy b said...

Oh those booties. I keep thinking i have just the right yarn for some.........the yellow fuzzy yarn.

Lovey your poppies. Such a gorgeous flower. On my bucket list to grow someday. So far only successful in a wildflower patch kit twenty years ago. They bloomed oNCE. They are my favorite flower at the Chicago BOtanic Gardens in Spring!

Mereknits said...

Looks like you are having a beautiful time Judy. Have a lovely weekend.

Rian said...

Yes it’s June already! Where does the time go. Blink and the holidays will be upon us...better start knitting now! LOL!

Moira said...

Wonderful flowers! And cute booties.

straythreads said...

gorgeous flowers and adorable booties and you are a Presbyterian too!!

elns said...

You are a busy lady. Those booties are so cute. The flowers are beautiful too.