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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Off the Needles Mostly!

This past week most of my knitting has been of the secret variety as the holidays are approaching way too quickly. Thanksgiving really IS next week, right? However, I did get part way down the heel flap of the mate to this sock, very unusual for me as I usually procrastinate doing sock #2.

One of the things I did this past week though that was fun and inspiring was to attend the Block Party Quilters' annual quilt show with my friend Becca. There were lots of quilts to admire and many vendors to visit but just a tiny bit of stash enhancement.

It was really fun to see quilts made by friends, like this one by Linda Hunnell, who is in my quilt group.

A number of quilts were made to donate to our local Ronald McDonald house including this one. It was a group project; my strip is the hearts. We have several embroiderers in our group as you can see in a couple of the strips.

This was the only crazy quilt I found, and it only featured a small amount of hand embroidery, mostly done by machine.

The featured artist was Linda Hadden who uses a very interesting technique. Her quilts are made of lots, and I mean lots, of tiny colored pieces that are carefully placed, covered with tulle, and then quilted. Becca has more photos of Linda's work on this post. (It's interesting how we were each attracted to different quilts throughout the show.)

This was one of my favorite quilts. It made me smile.

All the tiny pieces sewn together by hand;on this one were amazing. I also thought the border was very interesting.

Can you even imagine how long this must have taken?

The details in this eagle were beautiful. The explanation said it was made separately and then attached.

I have a few more photos to share in another post, but right now I need to quit and go make some apple crisp to take to a friend's house this evening. Bye for now.


Nancy said...

What a variety of quilts and quilting styles. I love the fish quilt - too cute!

Great job on the socks.

Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

That are wonderful quilts! They all are an eyecatcher! Judy,thank you for your comment!! I wish you a good time with your needles!I'm also knitting socks now!
Best wishes and many greetings,Ulla

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts! One of these days I might have to give quilting a try.

Becca said...

Hi Judy! That was fun wasn't it? You got some great shots of the one with all the flowers...I really like that one too. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Chat with you soon!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Happy Thanksgiving - THIS week - my friend!

All those wonderful quilts... thanks for sharing!

kathy b said...

thanks for taking us through the quilt show ....feels like I was there!!!
Apple crisp.IM so hungry right now......mmmmmm

Merry said...

Oh wow...thanks for sharing those photos. They are all awesome quilts. Linda Hadden is just amazing....the quilts that were on your friends site done by her were so life like too.

Cat said...

Looks like fun!
Some real talented quilters!
Love the colorful socks too!

Unknown said...

Beautiful socks! I love the pattern and the yarn colors. Sweet!

The quilt show pictures show some amazing work! I, too, got a giggle out of the fish quilt. So cute!

Have a great weekend.