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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Productive Week!

This was a good week for finishes for some unknown reason. The details for the knitting projects are on Ravely with the link on the sidebar.

We'll be seeing our niece soon. Guess what she's expecting in September?

Our neighbor girl is graduating from high school on June 19th. She won't be wearing this hat over the summer, but it may be handy when she becomes an Idaho Vandal.

My "recovery" from SSS (second sock syndrome) is coming along slowly but surely. I won't confess when these socks were started though.

This is May's Sunbonnet Sue block for the TAST challenge. There's lots of eye candy at the Tuesday Stitchers blog if you like crazy quilting.

We finally made it over to Anderson Park in Redmond last weekend to see the latest yarnbombing. (It was supposed to be removed yesterday.) Altogether I counted 49 trees in "sweaters"!!!

It was a bit of a relief to read that the artist uses a knitting machine!

That's it on the creativity front. We also had a fun week with company, but I'll post about that later. Enjoy the weekend!


Debra Dixon said...

I think those trees look marvelous!

SusanB-knits said...

Love the pink hat and shoes! They are cute. Love the trees too. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Cute projects! Love the bit of sparkle on the baby booties!

Can you imagine how much yarn was used in that yarnbombing???? WOW!

Lynn said...

Love the hat and booties, so sweet!
Yarn bombing! I've love to see it in person, although confusing, it looks cool!

Cat said...

Wow, from booties to tree trunks! That's a lot of yarn!
:) Cat

Pamela Kellogg said...

SSS! Love it! I know that syndrome. I get that whenever I stitch pillowcases!

Hugs, Pam

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Great finishes and lovely gifts! Those are some tree warmers!

Becca said...

I love the yarn bombing that goes on around here! Great photos! Wow, you've been busy...such beautiful gifts/projects! Love your new header too.

Janet said...

You certainly were busy. Love all your finishes. I think I have first sock syndome. There are three pair on the needles right now and I haven't finished the first sock for any of them. And Wow! to the yarn bomb pictures.

kathy b said...

baby goods and college hat so cute....Yarn bombing...oh thank goodness you explained they use a MACHINE

this is a fun fun post!

Merry said...

Your pink hat and socks are so pretty and soft. Beautiful work. You have been very busy with all your wonderful projects. Wow...that would have been such an amazing sight to see in real life the yarn bombing. What happens to all that knitting when removed from the trees?

Tanna said...

LOVE the little pink booties and hat and all the other projects, too. I would love to see those kind of yarn bombings!! How fun! blessings ~ tanna

Linda said...

Great finishes all of them...the hat and booties are so sweet! The trees covered in "sweaters" is really cool...I think they should leave them up...its so bright and cheery!! Have a great evening!!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

It's great to connect with you again.

Love your knitting projects!! That pink
hat and slippers are so adorable and
will no doubt delight your niece when
she receives them. Hope we can see
a picture of the new baby wearing them

The yellow and blue beenie hat is wonderful
with the different stitches and it's lovely
colours. What's an Idaho Vandal???

I love those socks!!! So many gorgeous
colours and the pattern running up the
"leg" section of them is very pretty.
The colours make me think of those
sprinkles we put on cakes and cupcakes.

Your Sunbonnet Sue is super cute. I love
the three dimensional look of the flowers.
And the daisies on her dress.

Those tree wrappers in Anderson Park
are freaking amazing!! I would have
loved to see them in person. My
favourite things ... trees and bright,
glorious colour!! Each tree wrapped in
a rainbow!