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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This December we two grandmas are reliving history through our Catherine. It seems like yesterday but wasn't, and we didn't know each other then. One December long ago, I was expecting Catherine, and another December a bit longer ago, MaryAnn was awaiting Catherine's husband, Brent. And now Catherine and Brent are waiting. Baby S. is due to arrive with the New Year, but will he keep us waiting that long. We don't know. But we all are waiting none too patiently...... Catherine arrived on December 28 and Brent held out until January 10. When, Baby, when?

Brent requested a "coming-home" hat, and as you can see there was enough yarn left to make some matching socks.

Last summer I used a pattern from Churchmouse Yarn and Tea to make this blanket.

My blogging friend Linda made this wonderful diaper bag. I suggested some colors, and she found perfect fabric. (How did she know that Catherine spent weeks in Africa with her former job ? You will see lots of other beautiful bags as well as pictures of her pretty California garden at her blog.)

And I made this hat "just in case!"

We are ready and waiting and praying for a safe arrival. Whenever, Baby, whenever you are ready. Godspeed!


Becca said...

Oo, so exciting! The waiting is do hard! I love this photo of the three of you. You are really prepared with the cute little Santa hat and all! Maybe it will be a new years baby? My mom was a new years baby.

Tanna said...

LOVE all the baby prizes!! That little Santa hat is TOO cute!! Very fun. They come when they are ready! I'll keep my fingers crossed! blessings ~ Tanna

Lynn said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby, and a Christmas baby (maybe) at that! I love all the beautiful things you've made. The blanket is beautiful and that little santa hat is beyond adorable.

Dorothy said...

What an exciting time! This season will be so special for you. I love Christmas (or New Year's) babies.

Susan Elliott said...

January 7!

Then we can be birthday pals! Of course, I'm sure you all prefer not to wait that long....and that SAnta hat is perfect!!

Anonymous said...

What an exciting holiday for you and your family. Can't wait to see that new little one in the Santa hat! I'm sure mom is hoping for sooner rather than later.

kathy b said...

OH there is nOTHING better than a baby at Christmas. Here's to lots of love for the new parents and good family to cook for them and clean for them.
I LOVE the just in case hat!!!!

keep us posted

Rian said...

How exciting for all of you! My husband's birthday is today, 9 days before Christmas, so through your post I got a glimpse of what the excitement must have been like for his parents. His mother's birthday was New Year's Day.

Pamela Kellogg said...

Such lovely things Judy! I adore the little baby santa hat! Too cute!!!! You have a lot to look forward to!

Love & hugs,

jenclair said...

Love that hat! What a special gift you will soon have!

Cranberry Morning said...

How exciting, Judy! And what a blessed baby to arrive to people already loving him/her and happily anticipating the arrival! I hope all goes well and that Baby and everyone else has a wonderful Christmas.

I was thinking of you especially tonight because I am finishing my second sweater (foolishly deciding to take up another one as soon as the first one was done!) and when I was looking at my instructions, my point protector fell off and about 10 stitches fell off my needle. I managed to get most of them back on, but I think I dropped a couple. I've been looking at YouTube videos to see how to correct this. I do see how to fix it, but I can't find the loop to fix, just a ladder. :-( Now, if you lived next door... :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, Judy!

Linda said...

What a great post Judy! I love all the baby things you have knitted...those tiny socks are so cute!! My nephew just adopted a tiny baby boy...he was born the day after Thanksgiving...babies are so much fun!!
Thanks for the nice comments about the bag!
Merry Christmas!!