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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where Has All the Stitching Gone?

Spurred on by Debra, I've been thinking of my stitching life over the past year and realized that since we began remodeling our kitchen last spring, I've not once picked up an embroidery project! And there are quite a few unfinished projects waiting patiently for me to get going, so with that in mind, and a gentle push from Debra, I signed up for TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday), hoping to learn some new stitches and hoping to finish some long neglected ones. Lots of WIPS are waiting for me:
The Christmas Sampler
The Christmas Quilt
CQ Purse Front
CQ Purse Back

And that's just a few WIPs that come to mind. Lately I've been doing lots of knitting, and yes, there are some unfinished projects of that ilk also. But I have finished a number of things including this shawlette for my sister.

So, in 2012 I am going to finish as many of these projects as possible, but first I have to think up a TAST project, something for all those new stitches. Any ideas? And just in case you wondered, the kitchen is finished....except for a new light fixture.

But then there're all those Christmas projects......... waiting patiently!


Anonymous said...

Go, Judy, Go!!!!! LOL

I don't have any UFOs, but I certainly have an ample stash of both knitting and cross stitch crying out to be used.

Becca said...

Oh good, I'm so glad to see some of your lovely stitching! I really like that little sampler. I did a couple of little stitch projects today too...maybe I will post them soon. Is that photo of your sister at one of those tea places? I've been to a couple of those here where you can order the little sandwiches and pastries with clotted cream...yum!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Those are some lovely WIPs - and I've been wondering about how your kitchen was coming along! Get that fixture hung so we can see the results, please! Any interest in a new Christmas Tree skirt for the TAST?

Linda said...

All your projects look wonderful...but you have been quite it is understandable that you have some unfinished projects...I know I do too!! I would love to see the finished kitchen!

kathy b said...

It is funny your sister, in the shawlette, looks like my a dead ringer for her!!!
I love the shwalette, the color is great.

I love your MERRY stitch project too!

Keep up the great work.

Janet said...

You have some lovely projects waiting to be finished. My cross-stitch suffered when I discovered mystery kals this year. I have several projects that wouldn't take a lot to finish.

Barbara C said...

That is nice fabric in your CQ purse. It's going to be very pretty when it's done. (No rush, of course.)

Susan said...

A reference book/journal perhaps? Something to look back at later when you are asking yourself how in the world you could do that stitch?

hakucho said...

Good for you finishing up your stitching projects. I have an unfinished quit up in my attic that I really should finish...I just don't "LOVE" sewing the way I love knitting :)

Debra Dixon said...

Unless you really want the purse now, I believe I'd use it for the base of a CQ and keep going!