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Saturday, February 12, 2011

On to the Cuff and a Little Stitching... Finally!

We still have some reminders of Christmas at our house. This lovely planter arrived at the end of November all ready to grow. It's been blooming constantly since December when the "Stars of Bethlehem" popped open. (That little flower was our troop crest in Junior Girl Scouts years ago. How did Janet know this?) Just when we thought the plants were all done, one last amaryllis appeared with a blossom in time for Valentine's Day! How fun is that? Many thanks to Mike and Janet for such a long-lasting and beautiful gift!

My Christmas Sampler serves as a reminder, along with the Advent scarf, that some holiday projects remain uncompleted. This week I did do a little stitching as promised on the reindeer. Now I'm wondering why I started with the end of the alphabet?

Starting from the end gets to be a habit, I think. Anyhow, the mystery sock began with the toe, a skill I wanted to learn. The last clue, the cuff, was posted yesterday. Another 17 rows and this sock WILL BE DONE! Then the challenge remains, sock #2. Will I remember the magic cast-on? Time will tell!

But wait you say, "Isn't anything new happening?" Well, yes, the cupboards arrive next Friday, and the old ones are slowly being emptied. We are even getting rid of a few things. Shocking, isn't it? And on our walks we are noticing that the moles think spring is coming. Destructive little buggers, aren't they? We are SO glad this isn't in our yard.....yet.


Rian said...

Your amaryllis makes miss my friends on the central coast. My gardening friend used to bring me an amaryllis every christmas--such a wonderful thing. You need Carl Spackler to deal with those gophers! (Now who would Carl Spackler be...)

Charlene ♥ NC said...

That is a lovely bloom for Valentines! Those used tobe almost wild in yard at my other house - but they'll hardly grow here. Seems I've read something about low music near the ground keeping moles away... Bottoms up? when I used to actually hold a newspaper to read, that's how I read it. Of course you'll remember the mystery of the toe!

Linda said...

Wow...those moles really dug up the place! Your cross stitch looks like it's coming along...I have so many projects to finish around here too!

hakucho said...

That was certainly a plentiful plant...with such enjoyment. Indeed it was a lovely gift.

It takes me forever to do cross stitch...hopefully you'll have your Christmas project done in time for next Christmas :)

Love your sock...once I started to do toe up's, I no longer have any desire for top down socks. Enjoy :)

Merry said...

Wow...moles certainly do make a mess of the grass strip. I have always thought they were cute little things. I don't think I would think they were so cute if they were in my yard. All your creations are looking wonderful. Especially the sock...that looks toasty warm.

Alisa said...

I didn't realize that moles could be so destructive...those mounds of dug up earth are huge!!! I love the sock, it looks sooooo cozy and your sampler is looking great!

Lynn said...

I had no idea that moles could make such a mess! I'm glad they're not around my neighbourhood!
Your Christmas stitch is coming along nicely. I love the bright, vibrant colours in it.

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful flower. I have never seen anything like that before.
You are coming along well with your Christmas sampler.
Oh my goodness - those moles are deadly!

Linda Vincent said...

Hi Judy
Just catching up with your news.
You've done well with your plants - you must have green fingers!
Have I told you I love the photo in your blog header?

You've just reminded me of a story I used to read to children called 'Mighty Mole'.... :-)

Cranberry Morning said...

Isn't that blossom so cheering this time of year when winter drags on!

You are amazing that you would tackle that mystery sock...and then have another one to do! It's beautiful, but I know I'd never let anyone wear it!

Susan Elliott said...

I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever seen a mole hill!! What a hoot! Love your sock...and if you can't remember the cast on...there's a great video on YouTube...Enjoy the spring was 63 degrees here today! Wooohooo!!!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy

Your Mole hills are amazing ...
or shocking, depending on how
you feel about your lawn and
the potential for destruction
these little creatures cause.

My DH has noticed a few holes
in the snow in our backyard
that are the beginnings of
tunnels under the snow. Mice?
Voles? Something else?? Past
experience warns us to be
prepared for gouges in the
grass beneath the snow because
of these tunnels but we won't
know the extent of the damage
until the snow melts.

Which it will be doing in
significant amounts by weeks
end when we're suppose to get
above 10 Celsius temperatures
with rain. Can you say Spring?

Unfortunately on Monday we're
going to be hit with 10 cm or
more of snow, with more on
Tuesday. Spring?? Not so

That Amaryllis plant certainly
gave you your money's worth of
blooms, and what a gorgeous
color!! A spectacular display.

Your mystery sock looks pretty
good so far. I love the design
being worked into it, and the
color is beautiful. Hope you
can knit the matching mate to
this one and have a complete
set to wear.

I had to smile when I saw your
photo of you and your cats on
the couch together. They have
to be in on everything don't
they?? Even if it's just
providing a snoozing bit of
company while you knit/stitch.

Those leaf skeletons are amazing!
I've never seen anything like
that before either. Isn't nature
an amazing thing??


Ele said...

Hello Judy,

many greetings to you and to the "little baggers", I have them too in great number in my garden...grrrr

Still Christmas on your blog? I like it, your beautiful and frosty embroidery and the blue socks.

Whish you springtime now

hugs and kisses

BeadBag said...

Hi Judy - love the socks. I tend to knit just plain ones and go for colour - but I must try and be a bit more adventurous!
lots of love, Shirley xxxxxx

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
Soon you have completed your beautiful embroidery ..
I press my thumb, so you are making progress :-)
Your Mystery sock looks very nice .. did you knit the second sock the same with in time?
It's nice to see that the spring is "at the door" with you.
Happy stitching

Janet said...

What a beautiful amaryllis bloom! The little reindeer is coming along nicely. My Christmas SAL hasn't seen a stitch in quite a while. Your sock looks lovely - such a pretty pattern.

Kathy Raker said...

So nice to have flowers bloom indoors when there is nothing but cold and snow outdoors. I don't really have a good place for plants that need sun, especially with a cat in the house. Are your cats attracted to your indoor plants? Enjoying your progress on the sampler.