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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Another February Day?

Our son called this morning from the Phoenix airport where it was 55 degrees and sunny, and I had to tell him that our frontyard looked like this:

Yep, we got about 8 inches of snow during the night, the most for this time of year since 1989, according to the paper. Welcome home, Carl!

Since almost everything was cancelled, including choir tonight, I had time to do some quilting this afternoon and also finished this hat that Jill asked me to make for a friend. (Her friend is adopting a toddler from Russia.) Apparently checking out the hat was exhausting, for the next time I saw Mocha, she was sound asleep.
And in another room, Ginger was also resting. I guess it was just that kind of day.

Spring, where are you?


Alisa said...

Yes, the big piles of snow are a pain when you have places to go...but it does create lovely scenery when you are inside looking out at it! :) Your cats both look very peaceful...ahhhhhh, to have their life for a week would be a nice vacation. Have a great weekend!

Neuroknitter said...

8 inches!? Wowie...we had nothing near that! Boo!!

looks beautiful!!! Our cats are easily taxed, too!! :) :)

Happy weekend, Judy!!

Rian said...

Goodness gracious! I was complaining that it was cold here yesterday...well it was! It was 39 degrees when I stood on the tee box at the break of dawn.

Lynn said...

Such a pretty snow, sleeping, cozy cats, quilting, sounds like a wonderful day to me.

Fünfzigerjahremädel said...

Oh,Judy what is that???
Here I can see the first green of the tulips! The snow drops are blooming, also the crocus! But we will have a lot of rainy days now!
I wish you spring! Soon!!!
♥ Greetings,Ulla

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
The little Hut has become glamorous.
Why are your cats - calling: Stubentiger - so tired?
The snow is so amazing, because I'm on my last visit here, the spring in front of your door ...
Give not up hope :-)
Happy stitching

Cranberry Morning said...

Trust me, I know the feeling! Too much snow already! Bring spring, pleeeeease.

Such sweet kitty pics. Love that one of Mocha scoping out the hat. (cute hat, by the way. I was working on a hat and made the brim a seed stitch while watching TV. I looked at the seed stitch and realize that I need to rename it 'modified seed stitch.' Guess I can't knit and watch TV yet. :-)

Dorothy said...

We got about 10-12 inches on Whidbey Island. But I also know that when we drove through Mt. Vernon on Tuesday, the daffodils were up and almost ready to bloom. Spring really is just around the corner. I took advantage of the snowy days to stay inside and quilt too!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Oh, poor Judy ~ I don't mean to brag, but it's here! We've had sunshine and blooms popping. Of course, there may be a frigid freeze next week... The kitties look like they have the right idea for that kind of weather!

Merry said...

That is amazing amount of snow. Great photos. Here I sit in my singlet and shorts and wonder what time we will turn the aircon on. lol

Barbara C said...

We even had snow here (virtually at sea level) on Friday. What a crazy winter. I'm hoping my daffodils and blooming azaleas will somehow survive.

kathy b said...

fifty five and sunny sounds so storm here in chicago last night. Heard the thunder inside the hospital while working the night shift....

at least the snow looks clean and bright

Love your kitties resting choice spots. I have a cat on my chest right now another halfway laying on my computer keyboard....they miss me when I am working all weekend. by monday they are all over me!

Linda said...

We got a lot of snow in the local mountains here too, but it's warming up a bit now. It sure has been cold at night though. Your kitties sure know how to enjoy a cold day!! Love the hat too!!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Hi Judy, While I was at the coast last week with my sewing friends, Chico had snow! That is so very unusual and I think the last time was 1989 as well, as that was the year my dear daughter was born...anyway, the coast was beautiful but coming home we are about to have 5 days of wind and rain that is supposed to pack a wallop! Good kitty and sewing weather here and I hope to take full advantage. That is after a full day of that time consuming stuff called W O R K...ha! Pam

Micki said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow! I hope spring comes soon for you!

Cat said...

Mocha looks like she expects that hat to move. :) She would have jumped straight up if it did!

Snow this time of year is not welcome! And the Spring storms can really bring the heavy piles!

The foot I quilt with just has a round open circle on the end of it. It's called a "free motion quilting foot", used to be known as a "darning foot".

Have a great weekend, Cat