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Thursday, October 8, 2009

On the Road Back Home

Fall is definitely here, and one of the signs is our fall blooming clematis is bursting into flower. This year it "escaped" and has headed on up to our second story where it catches more sun. Clever little plant. The weather has been wonderful this week, so beautiful that we played hooky on Monday and hit the road; Our destination: the Hood Canal.
In bloom at last!

Our route took us right past one of the Girl Scouts camps our daughters attended, so we took this photo for old times sake.
Fond memories

Right across the road was a lovely little waterfall. We'd seen a photo of it on a card stand where we ate lunch so were excited to actually find it.
We heard it before we saw it!

Then we drove past a sign that has significance for our older daughter's inlaws, so we had to stop for a photo.
Welcome to Brinnon

Next, we saw a turnoff for Mount Walker and remembered that we'd been there long ago. So up we went again over 4 miles of washboard road. It was well worth the bumpy ride. On such a clear day, the views from this 2805' peak were spectacular. Not only could we see Mount Rainier, we could also see Seattle!
Mt. Rainier
Can you find the Space Needle?

And up close we were entertained by a flock of gray jays. Ever hopeful they were quick to spot the folks who would feed them.

Retracing our way and back at sea level, we also saw this guy who's a little more self reliant. This blue heron is getting its food the traditional way.
Hungry Heron

We drove home a slightly different route, enjoying the local scenery and the fact that our schedules are flexible enough to take advantage of such a glorious day.
The Olympic Mountains


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures -- yep, if you biggie the picture the space needle is pretty easy to find.

Pat said...

Thanks for sharing your fun day and the beautiful scenery!

Wildflowerhouse said...

We have rounded the corner on our log home. I doubt we will complete the job this year. But we are giving it our best shot. Your day trip looks so inviting. Soon I hope we can meet. Sharon

Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures - especially the ones of Mt.Ranier in the background. Such beautiful skies.

Jane said...

Great pics Judy... Seattle in the distance was my fav. Enjoy the fall and the change of weather... its good to hunker down abit and get cozy, isn't it?

Rian said...

Lovely pics, lovely outing. I could see the Space Needle. I saw Mt. Ranier when I was in Seattle. I guess that's pretty rare.

Jeanne said...

I've been enjoying all of your vacation photos. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara C said...

What fabulous views! Thanks for sharing your outing.

Kathy Raker said...

Fantastic views! I have only been as far west as Arizona and up to South Dakota. Perhaps some day will get to visit the North West.
Beautiful country.

Gerry said...

Beautiful photos, Judy. It sounds like you are having a WONDERFUL time.

How cool that the gray jay ate out of your hand. WOW!

Time with nature does a soul good, doesn't it? Hugs.

Cat said...

Lovely photos! Sure is beautiful country up in the N.W.

Gina E. said...

Hi Judy,
I noticed you on Pam K's blog and decided to hop across and visit! I'm so glad I did - your lovely photos brought back so many memories for me. I spent 4 months in the USA with my first husband, about 35 years ago. We travelled around by Greyhound Bus and visited all 50 states including Alaska. We loved all of the USA, but Arizona, Utah and the states in that region took up most of our photos - stunning scenery.

JK said...

Loved that jay! I've been able to get my Red Tail Hawk to come closer, and would love to be able stroke those feathers.

BTW, my hubs worked on the Space Needle when it was going up.

Susan Elliott said...

How cool that you got that gray jay to eat out of your hand! You always have such beautiful pics of nature...have I told you how much I loved the turkey fungus?? I think it needs to have a reappearance this Thanksgiving!

Linda Vincent said...

Hi Judy - Your blog is becoming quite a certainly visit some beautiful places!
Such wonderful photos.
Linda x

Lapplisor said...

Hi Judy
So beautiful pictures show you again.
It has been pleasure to watch them.
The last picture has succeeded extremely well .. what a view.