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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not All Play!

We haven't been playing every day, just in case you've had this impression from the recent travel photos. The garden has been taking a little time, we've been back to regular choir practices including singing twice on Sunday mornings, and I've been trying to complete some projects before we run off again.

Daniel has grown a wee bit since we saw him last, so I figured he probably needed a sweater that wasn't a hand-me-down. This pattern is fun to knit and goes fairly quickly. And I got to use some buttons purchased when we went to San Juan Island last spring. (Check Ravelry for the details.)
Cottage Creations Babies' and Bears Sweater

Until this morning I was caught up on Kirsten's Mystery Sock KAL. Dick took the photo so that it shows the pretty pattern which runs down the sides of each cuff. Now to do the heels. I'm very curious as to how Kirsten will work the design into the next step!
KAL Part 2

Sad to say, I haven't gotten to my quilt block assignment......... There just aren't enough hours in a day.


Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Darling sweater, it is perfect timing with the cooler weather. Your sock are wonderful, so cheery!!

Lapplisor said...

Your socks SAL is interesting, Judy.
The pattern looks nice with the yarn.
The jacket is a dream, and will bring joy.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Judy,

What a lovely little sweater
you've knitted up for your
grandson. Those car shaped
buttons are adorable and the
color of the wool is beautiful
and rich.

Those socks are gorgeous too.
I don't know if the pattern
would look better in a solid
color or not, but for myself
I really love this rainbow
colored wool, and I can see
the pattern quite nicely even
in a photograph.

I do so enjoy your road trips
and the incredibly beautiful
scenery that you photograph
and post here is much apprec-
iated. The view from Mount
Walker is spectacular!! Oh,
I wish that we had mountains
here in Ontario! We do have
beautiful lakes, and lots of
hills, but no mountains.

The Gray Jay eating out of
someone's hand is such a
handsome bird. We just have
the blue ones here....and
some of them wear baseball uniforms. Haha.

I don't think that I've come
across anyone yet who hasn't
enjoyed reading The Guernsey
Literary and Potato Peel
Society. It's a story that
I know I'll read again. You
will love The Help too. I
promise. I'm reading
Shanghai Girls by Lisa See
right now and enjoying it
very much.


Ele said...

Dear Judy,

here in Bavaria it is definitively the right time for warmer cloths!
In the last days we had the first snow of this harvest/winter, after a sunny summerweek with 27°C a few days ago - just curious!
Your sweater looks warm and comfortable and also the coloured socks.

Have a good weekend

Lynn said...

Very cute little sweater - we just need to see a picture of the little person in the little sweater!

Unknown said...

Love the sock colours !

Micki said...

Your socks are just so wonderful!

Jane said...

I'll be sending you my address for those socks, LOL. They look so bright and cozy. There never is enough hours to pursue all these fun things we do, is there?