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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Down but not Out.....

Look what showed up in our yard! Around these parts, you know that fall is coming when mushrooms start popping up in the grass overnight and the spiders go crazy and start spinning webs everywhere. A few leaves are already turning colors, the mountain ash is full of orange berries, and some of the purple asters are starting to bloom. Yep, fall is on its way to the Northwest, and I am glad these past two weeks are gone.
Surprise Visitor

The indoor plants have prospered from my lack of attention. This Hoya, which is a cutting from one of Mom Shaw's plants, put on TWO smelly flowers. They sure are pretty though.
Gammy's Hoya

One of my recent discoveries, thanks to pink eye, is that I can knit without wearing my contacts or glasses, and knit I did these past few weeks. I finished a couple of secret projects that are on their way to Lake Sylvan, AND one very longstanding WISP which had been put away partially finished so long ago that I don't remember when I started it. BAD! But it's done now and ready to wear. Hurrah!

It took a while to sew all the ends in on this project, that's for sure. This was my first attempt at modular knitting using a yarn called Rhythm. No two balls of any shade are quite the same which keeps things interesting. It took 4 circular needles of varied lengths to knit the edging! If you want the details, you can find me on Ravelry as jatshaw.
Rhythm Scarf

Besides knitting, I read some interesting books recommended by our daughter Catherine. One, The Blue Sweater, asks some very provocative questions about philanthropic projects and helped me to better understand her work. The other, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, was an enjoyable and interesting read. I'd recommend both. Oh, and I got a nice handmade get well card from David, who is getting quite good at writing his name as well as growing pumpkins and sunflowers.
The Yellow Giant


Susan said...

Glad to see that you are on the mend.

Two finished knitting projects must bring a joy to your heart.

Kathy A. said...

Yep, fall is on it's way here too. The nights are getting cool, the leaves are falling and the maples are changing color.
Love that colored yarn - too cool.

Kathy Raker said...

Oh my, pink eye too! Hope you are feeling better now. Yes, it looks like fall is coming. Much too early for me.
Your knitting is lovely as usual. The scarf is different and I like the color combinations.
Funny, my word verification is fallsiv

Kathy Raker said...

Missed posting how cute David is standing under the sunflower. How tall is that thing?

Anonymous said...

Love the modular scarf. Those colors are so beautiful! Reminds me of Noro.

As for spiders --- they drive me CRAZY.

Yesterday one spun a web across my car door while we were at dinner. I got back into the car and got a web across my face. UGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

We weren't at dinner THAT long. SHEESH!

Lynn said...

We have orb spiders here and they make large webs it seems everynight across a doorway or walkway. I have to admire all that hard work - but I hate the feel of spiderweb. Beautiful knitting. The colors and pattern on that scarf are gorgeous.
I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel and loved it!

leah said...

The scarf is awesome! I love how the yarn changes are shown off so well!

Barbara C said...

What a beautiful scarf. I have yet to try modular knitting, but I've had a book for awhile, so it's on my to-do list.

David looks so cute next to the sunflowers. How enormous they must be.

We got real rain here today, so I guess our Fall has arrived too.

Lapplisor said...

Dear Judy
Your pictures speak again for itself…
You know, how I like the mushrooms:-)
Your new scarf looks successful.
it's very beautiful colors …
and also your new project has becomes mad...
a good picture with your David and the sunflowers :-))
All property for you!

SueR said...

Fall is on its way in the Northeast too--it seems early this year. I did notice more spiders in the house, which I expected; also found mushrooms in the yard--never made the connection to fall. Not very attractive, are they? The hoya flowers look just like mountain laurel to me. I like your sweater and scarf. The colors in the scarf are so pretty! I am working on a top down sweater in a toddler size, have you ever done that?