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Friday, August 14, 2009

Odds 'n' Ends

Last weekend we added an arch to our garden as part of our upcoming anniversary celebration. Now to figure out what kind of vining plants to get. We are leaning toward clematis.....
Celebrating 44 years a little early!

It's been relatively quiet in our garden the past few nights. Could it be that the raccoons have moved on? Hardly...if the fact that one of our little garden girls spends more time on her face than upright is any indication. I noticed this morning that's she's gone altogether which means, I think, that Dick got tired of setting her back up every day. He did manage to catch a shot of this regular visitor even though it refuses to land even for a moment.

Whether it's been the weather or not, our lavender plant has outdone itself compared to last year when I only got 2 flowers. I picked a nice bouquet and even left some blooms on the the plant to keep the bees happy!
Lavender's blue, Dilly, Dilly!

Last night I finally finished Kathy's second puzzle piece and sent it off to her this morning. Now I can start on my CQ purse. Hurrah! When it comes to projects, my plans are definitely greater than my needle speed, that's for sure.


leah said...

Congrats! 44 years! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Happy 44th! The arch will look beautiful with clematis.

I love the little puzzle piece. The flower in the upper right corner is adorable!

Cheryl said...

We just replaced our arbor after 15 years of use. We grow clemantis up the sides of it and it looks just stunning in late spring! You're going to just love it!

Ranae said...

very nice odds and ends

Wildflowerhouse said...

Happy 44th to you. Your garden looks so green. Mine is starting to come back. Love the puzzle pc. Very nice work. Sharon

Barbara C said...

Your puzzle piece is lovely. The black makes it very dramatic.

Congratulations on your anniversary. The arch is a very nice way to commemorate it, and I second the motion on the clematis--they put on a great show.

Mrs Quilty said...

Happy 44th Anniversary!!! WOW! Your garden is beautiful and I love that arch and I vote for clematis which would look amazing flowing over it!!! Beautiful!!

JK said...

Hi ya sweet darlin! Love the arbor! We have three but whose counting? On my arbor in the front we have Wisteria, one of them in the backyard by the tree bench we have Grandpa Otts, and the other one is the entrance to the deck that we have been working on to enclose. It has some pretty pink flowering vine, but don't have a clue what it is. What about putting a pretty little gate to the arbor? The one on the deck has a butterly gate that I got a few years ago. I will look forward to see what you will plant. And congrats on the 44 years!! May you have many, many more hon!

allie aller said...

Great puzzle piece!!!
Love seeing those familiar fabrics in it, too....
And a most happy anniversary..... ;-)

Kathy A. said...

Congratulations on 44 years!!
Back from vacation and did some catching up on your blog. You have been busy girl.
Those rascally raccoons one time bent a shepherd's hook right to the ground to empty my finch feeder. They are persistent.
Love your stitching. Your puzzle pieces are so neat.
And your photos of your flowers and trip - fabulous!
I love the roses on your header. They made me go WOW!!!!!

Judy D in WA said...

Happy 44 years! Your arch is a special anniversary gift, the kind that keeps giving. Great idea.

I love your CQ puzzle pieces and the Gail Pan designs are great. I need to start mine. They are the next project in line. Oh, that line is long. ;)